SSC is looking for dedicated writers who have a love for the Seattle sports scene and have a proficient writing level. College students looking to major in journalism and or broadcasting are especially welcome.


Paul Novak

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Beat: Mariners and Seahawks

Bio: I have been a huge Seattle sports fan since 1995. I’m mostly looking forward to the Mariners and Seahawks consistently competing and hopefully bringing the city it’s first major sports championship since 1979.

Favorite Sports Memory: “The Double”. Edgar Martinez drives a double to the left field wall in the old Kingdome and Ken Griffey Jr. scores from first to beat the New York Yankees in the playoffs. The Mariners weren’t even supposed to reach the playoffs that season. They managed to mount one of the greatest late season rallies in sports history and defeated the Angels in a tie breaker.

Favorite Athlete: Ken Griffey Jr. and Shawn Kemp


Clint Hulsey

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Beat: Mariners

Bio: Along with writing about the Mariners here at SSC, I write about baseball at my own blog at irfast.blogspot.com, and fantasycpr.com. My work has been cited or featured at FanGraphs, Baseball America, and Beyond the Box Score. You can also read some of my stuff at mykbo.net and baseballheatmaps.com.


Raymond Schwabacher

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Beat: Mariners

Bio: I like the Mariners. I have always liked the Mariners, even when the Mariners have given me absolutely no reason to like the Mariners. I write a lot, sometimes about the Mariners. My other hobbies include eating sushi and not bunting the runner over from first. Once came one out away from an intramural softball no-hitter. Freestyle haiku world champion.

Favorite Sports Memory: Watching Felix Hernandez pitch a perfect game from the cozy confines of Safeco Field and feeling like my face was about to melt off. It did, for a second, but I’m okay now.

Favorite Athlete: Felix, with Munenori Kawakasi an oddly close second.


Matthew Gray

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Beat: Mariners, Seahawks, Sonics

Bio: I love writing for SSC and appreciate a city that has such knowledgeable fans. I am also the feature writer for Prospectwire.com and I have articles published monthly at Sportsnetworker.com | You only fail if you quit writing- Ray Bradbury

Favorite Sports Memory: King Felix’s perfect game

Favorite Athlete: Felix Hernandez



Paul Reindl

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Beat: Seahawks, Mariners, (Sonics?)

Bio: Lifelong fan of anything Seattle Sports.  Living in San Diego, but still following 206 sports religiously.  Assistant high school baseball coach that loves giving back. The happiest day of my life will be when the Seahawks win the Super Bowl!  Played baseball, basketball, and tennis at the high school level and also love to golf in my free time.

Favorite Sports Memory: 1997 NBA Finals…Gary Payton picks MJ, drives downcourt, barely gets above the rim to dunk the ball, then stares Jordan down.  That memory, along with “The Double”, Superbowl XL, being at the Seahawks blowout of SF on 12/23/12, and any time I saw Griffey drop a bomb in person are all dear to me.

Favorite Athletes: Ken Griffey Jr., Gary Payton, Mickey Mantle, Magic Johnson, Felix Hernandez



Brian Pace

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Beat: Mariners, Seahawks, Pac-12

Bio: Born and raised in Seattle and have been a fan of Seattle sports since day one. A recent graduate of the University of Arizona. No matter how bad they are, I will always root hard for my beloved Mariners and am excited for the future of being a consistent World Series contender.

Favorite Sports Memory: I’m going to cheat because I have a couple. My favorite Mariners memory is of course “The Double” in 1995 by Edgar Martinez. Not only did it send us to the ALCS, it kept the Mariners from moving to Tampa Bay.

My all-time favorite sports moment came a couple years ago in the NCAA tournament when my Arizona Wildcats obliterated Duke. It was an incredible performance by Derrick Williams and the rest of the team as well as the greatest fan experience I have been a part of.

Favorite Athlete: Ken Griffey Jr.


Dylan Whitcher

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Beat: Seahawks, Mariners

Bio: I have been a huge Seattle sports fan since the day I was born. I am the Editor-in-Chief and Sports Editor of Green River College’s student newspaper, The Current. The happiest day of my life will be when I watch the Seahawks with my son, hoist the Lombardi trophy for the first time in franchise history.

Favorite Sports Memory: My favorite sports memories are when the Seahawks obliterated the Carolina Panthers to advance to Super Bowl XL and watching Mike Cameron and Mark McLemore raise the American flag after clinching the AL West. However, all of those memories will be trumped when I watch the Seattle Supersonics play their first game against the OKC Thunder. Good golly Ms. Molly get on your magic carpet and ride!

Favorite Athlete: Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman and Felix Hernandez


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