The Rams are Improving

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The team many thought would challenge the Seahawks for the NFC West crown wasn’t the 49ers. It was the St. Louis Rams. The Rams however have two major issues for their horrible 0-5 start. One is the lack of pass protection for Sam Bradford. The other, well that’s no longer as big an issue. The Rams have traded a conditional 6th round pick for Broncos wideout Brandon Lloyd.

The draft pick will turn into a 5th round selection if Lloyd catches 30 passes this season. With 11 games to go, that will likely happen now that Lloyd will be the Ram’s #1 receiver. Lloyd led the NFL last season with 1,448 receiving yards, 77 receptions, and 11 TDs. That’s a weapon I’m sure Bradford and the Rams love to have.

The Rams just got a little bit better and the 49ers continue to roll with their win over the previously unbeaten Detroit Lions. Hopefully, the Rams don’t get hot and the Jim Harbaugh hotheads cool down. 

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