Ten Funny Fantasy Football Team Names for 2011

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Fantasy football is in full swing and drafts are being conducted like the world was ending. While every person running a team ultimately wants to build the team that wins him or her that fantasy football trophy or cash prize at the end, deep down they also want to have the funniest team name in the entire league. This is where we come in. Here are some great team names to use for your upcoming 2011 Fantasy Football season.

  1. Forgetting Brandon Marshall – An funny spin on the comedy starring Jason Segal, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”.
  2. The Brady Bunch – A sort of “duh”, yet still funny choice if you have Tom Brady as your star QB.
  3. Cry Me a Rivers – One of these days, Rivers will be the one crying after he mouths off too much to an opponent.
  4. Pimpin’ Aint Breesy – The Saints QB is a slick guy on the football field.
  5. Vick in a Box – A reference to the hilarious SNL skit featuring Justin Timberlake.
  6. Romosexual – For any Cowboys haters out there. So anyone outside of Texas that’s not a bandwagon fan.
  7. Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe – One of my personal favorites.
  8. Favre Dollar Footlong – Keep this in mind in case he announces he’s coming back in the next week.
  9. Beastquake – A good choice if your team will rely on Marshawn Lynch this season.
  10. Get Off My Ditka – A tribute to the old Bears legend.

In case you don’t get that #1 overall pick, which may not be a bad thing seeing how most people actually want to be in the middle of the draft, you can still have the #1 team name that will make all of your opponents chuckle when they play you. Enjoy your fantasy football leagues this year!

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