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The Mariners sign Garland, Former Mariners Disperse Elsewhere

The past couple of days have been extremely busy when it comes to Mariner notes, so here is another collection of information and thoughts. Friday evening, it was announced that the Mariners had signed Jon Garland to a minor league deal. Jason Churchill had been talking about how the Mariners were interested in him and […]


Mariners trade Trayvon Robinson for Robert Andino

The Mariners traded Trayvon Robinson to the Baltimore Orioles for infielder Robert Andino on Tuesday. Trayvon Robinson has been written about on here quite a bit (as just typing in Trayvon Robinson into the search function on the site will show. I encourage you to read some of those articles as I am not going […]


Mariners Claim Future Tacoma Rainier Scott Cousins

The Mariners have claimed Scott Cousins off waivers from the Toronto Blue Jays. Cousins never played for the Blue Jays. He was designated for assignment by the Marlins (who drafted him in 2006. Cousins had played his whole career with them) and claimed by the Blue Jays in October. The Blue Jays almost immediately designated […]


3 Cheap Outfielders for the Mariners to Consider

We have already looked at some cheap bullpen options for the Mariners to purse this off-season, and it is time to look at 3 cheap outfield options that the Mariners may be wise to pursue. The Mariners’ 2012 outfield had a 98 wRC + against left-handed pitching and 84 wRC + against right-handed pitching. The […]

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Looking at Out of Options Mariners

As the season ended (with an excellent 12-0 blowout of an Angel team that looked sloppy after being eliminated on Monday) on Wednesday, it became officially time to look at next year (even though we have already been doing that here). Tacoma Broadcaster Mike Curto (@CurtoWorld) tweeted something that was interesting to me. He listed 5 players that had […]

Seattle Mariners v Toronto Blue Jays

Iwakuma faces off against Darvish

On Friday night, former World Baseball Classic teammates Yu Darvish and Hisashi Iwakuma faced off against each other. Each of the two pitchers pitched in the professional baseball league in Japan for several years, before coming over to AL West teams this year. Of course, they came with massively different expectations and have some success […]


The 2012 Tacoma Rainiers Season Review: Pitchers

The 2012 Tacoma Rainiers, the Mariners AAA affiliate, went 62-81 (with a Pythag of 64-79). Their one year park factor was 90, meaning their park was was quite a bit more pitcher friendly than the average PCL park. I have written about Tacoma throughout the season from a “scouting” perspective, so this will be more […]


Looking at the Potential September Call-Ups

September is coming. This means that MLB active rosters will expand from 25-40. Of course, a team cannot bring up any 15 players in the minors that they want. They can only bring up players on the 40 man roster or replace players on the 40 man roster. Using my Mariners’ 40 man roster ranking […]