Playing Around with Mariner Starting Lineups

It is that time of the year, as Opening Day is but days away, and we have already discussed the 40 man roster, the 25 man roster, and the starting rotation. So now, let’s look at some ideal lineups for the Mariners in 2013. Nothing seems more controversial and creates more arguments than lineups and […]


An Ideal 25 Man Mariner Roster

In this post, I will look at what I believe the Mariners 25 man roster should be breaking spring training. In future posts, I will look at the rotation and lineups, and this will definitely foreshadow those posts. Jesus Montero did get injured, though no concussion, in the game on Saturday, so that could complicate […]

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Projecting the Mariners Defense: The Ultimate Sacrifice?

In 2012, much like 2011, the Mariners were an elite, or at least a very good, defensive team. They were 8th in UZR and 9th in DRS, showing above average range and avoiding errors (though their arms were below average). Since the beginning of the 2009 season, the Jack Z era, the Mariners are 5th […]

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Ground-Balls, Contact %, and the Difference Between Jaso and Paulino

Matt Klaassen of Fangraphs recently did studies that showed which numbers for both pitchers and hitters were the most predictive. For hitters, contact percentage proved to be the best predictor from season to season, while ground-balls were the best predictors for pitchers. If these statistics are the best predictors, then if a player has a significant change in them […]


Mariners trade John Jaso for Michael Morse

The Mariners, in a 3 way deal also involving the Oakland Athletics and Washington Nationals, traded John Jaso to the Oakland Athletics for Michael Morse from the Washington Nationals. Jaso will be going to arbitration for the first time this year. Despite his extreme platoon splits, the catcher/DH was the Mariners best hitter with an […]

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Re-Ranking the Mariners 40 Man Roster

So it is December, and the Winter Meetings have now passed. While the Mariners were rumored to be going after every hitter imaginable, the only player they got in the Winter Meetings was Jason Bay. Mauricio Robles was designated to make room for Bay and is currently in limbo while the Mariners 40 man roster […]