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How Well Are Mariner Starters Repeating Their Deliveries?

Through 5 games, one whole turn through the rotation, the Mariner starters have walked just 5 batters, 4 of them by Joe Saunders. In this post, I wanted to look at how well the starters were repeating their deliveries. We usually use at release point charts to get a general sense, especially by looking for […]


The Mariners Rotation Batted Ball Rates: Home/Road Splits

In a previous post, using players that had played with the Mariners and at least one other team, we saw that there wasn’t a lot of evidence that batted ball distance rates dropped for players that played for Seattle, at least on average. Rationally, one could use that data to conclude that there wasn’t a […]

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Ground-Balls, Contact %, and the Difference Between Jaso and Paulino

Matt Klaassen of Fangraphs recently did studies that showed which numbers for both pitchers and hitters were the most predictive. For hitters, contact percentage proved to be the best predictor from season to season, while ground-balls were the best predictors for pitchers. If these statistics are the best predictors, then if a player has a significant change in them […]


Free Agent Watch: Hisashi Iwakuma

Of all of the potential free agents the Mariners have, Hisashi Iwakuma is by far the most interesting. He was brought in on a contract that initially was valued at just 1.5 million dollars (with a total 3.4 million dollars in incentives), and despite not even making the rotation out of spring (thanks to diminished velocity, […]