Cincinnati Reds v New York Mets

Re-Ranking the Mariners 40 Man Roster

So it is December, and the Winter Meetings have now passed. While the Mariners were rumored to be going after every hitter imaginable, the only player they got in the Winter Meetings was Jason Bay. Mauricio Robles was designated to make room for Bay and is currently in limbo while the Mariners 40 man roster […]

jason bay

Mariners Sign Jason Bay

According to just about everyone, and it has been rumored since he was released by the Mets, Jason Bay has signed with the Mariners. He still has to pass a physical, which isn’t necessarily a slam dunk (to mix sports metaphors). In many ways, Jason Bay was the Mets’ Chone Figgins. Perhaps even more appropriate, Bay […]


3 Cheap Outfielders for the Mariners to Consider

We have already looked at some cheap bullpen options for the Mariners to purse this off-season, and it is time to look at 3 cheap outfield options that the Mariners may be wise to pursue. The Mariners’ 2012 outfield had a 98 wRC + against left-handed pitching and 84 wRC + against right-handed pitching. The […]

Trayvon Robinson

Looking at Out of Options Mariners

As the season ended (with an excellent 12-0 blowout of an Angel team that looked sloppy after being eliminated on Monday) on Wednesday, it became officially time to look at next year (even though we have already been doing that here). Tacoma Broadcaster Mike Curto (@CurtoWorld) tweeted something that was interesting to me. He listed 5 players that had […]


Gutierrez Up, Wells Down, Serenity Now

The Mariners activated Franklin Gutierrez today. Gutierrez had been on the the disabled list (technically the 7-day concussion list) since he was hit in the head by a pick-off throw about 2 months ago. The play looked rather innocent, but it obviously turned out to be a big deal (as concussions usually are). He didn’t […]