Seattle Sports News 8/5/11

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JRRickert tweets that the Seahawks have signed former Patriot RB Thomas Clayton

A few minutes later, John Clayton tweeted that the Seahawks could possibly be interested in T. Clayton

J. Clayton also mentioned that the team was looking at bringing in FB Mike Karney, but will instead focus on younger FB’s.

Larry Stone looks to see if Dustin Ackley has a shot at winning the AL Rookie of the year award given he came up so late in the season. If he keeps hitting the way he has, I think he may actually pull off a win even though he won’t hit the magical 100 games played that Stone talks about.

Danny O’Niel (probably my favorite writer at the Times) discusses what the 49ers were possibly thinking when they sent out a mass email to the entire league. The email was letting everyone know that SS Taylor Mays, an O’Dea product who later played for Carroll at USC was available, and they want him gone ASAP. The Seahawks may actually be interested. Carroll was a fan of Mays’ but was hoping he would fall to them later in the draft. After being drafted by SF, Mays had some harsh words for his former coach.

The Mariners are in LA today to take on the Angels. The game time is 7:05. The Angels have been kicking our butts the last few seasons and currently hold the series lead 6-3 this season. 

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