Seattle Metropolitans – Uniform Concepts and Why They Will be Loved

seattle metropolitansThe Seattle Metropolitans made Seattle a great hockey town. Seattle still is a great hockey town. It just doesn’t remember. 

I’m not going to go back and relive the history of the franchise that resided in Seattle and won the first Stanley Cup in American history in 1917. It’s a great fun fact and we should take some level of pride knowing that Seattle already has some established history with the sport of hockey.

However, not many 96-year olds go out to the sports bars and brag about being there when the team raised the cup in the air. It would undoubtedly be a great story to hear, but it isn’t happening. 

What the Seattle Metropolitans represent now is a possibility. A chance for the NHL to allow Seattle to be a serious hockey town again. The local support for the Thunderbirds is a small glimpse of what we could bring to the table.

A better example would be the Sounders. The Sounders were a soccer team in Seattle before they were “THE” soccer team in Seattle. When the MLS granted the city a team in the league, the original Sounders became what we know today. The city now supports them unlike any other soccer team in North America, leading the MLS in attendance for the past four seasons. Clint Dempsey’s home début has sold 67,000 tickets and additional seats had to be opened up while also allowing standing room only seats to be made available for the very first time in the teams brief history. 

This is what the NHL should expect from Seattle. The city had the Sonics, Mariners, Storm and Seahawks. There just wasn’t room for another pro sport in the city. How would people have the money to support another team? Merchandise and tickets aren’t cheap and the Mariners had seen attendance falling at a faster rate than many pro teams have in years.

Yet we fell in love with soccer, hard. Aside from the Seahawks, you could say that the Sounders are the city’s second favorite team.

If, and I think it’s more a question of when, the NHL grants us an expansion team – we’ll show the Metropolitans, or whatever the new team will end up being named the same kind of love and devotion.

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Whoever owns the franchise will obviously have the right to select the name. If he or she chooses to stick with Metropolitans, or opens it up to a vote for the residents and they too choose tradition over something like Sasquatch or Blades, then we may see something like this skating the ice. (Continued below gallery)

 [soliloquy id="9676"]

There are plenty of options there and many of them look amazing. Fans have really taken to creating what they think would be the best look for the team. created or hosted most of the images in the slider and they do an amazing job coming up with new ideas for many other current and potential teams. 

As you can tell from some of the logos, Metropolitans can be shortened to Metros if desired. Although that opens up the obvious insults that many opposing fans would undoubtedly use.

Let me know which jerseys (called sweaters by hardcore hockey fans) and logos you like the best in the comments section below. 

19 comments on “Seattle Metropolitans – Uniform Concepts and Why They Will be Loved

  1. I live in Toronto. I’m a huge Seahawks fan and a Seattle fan. I’ve never been. But, would love to Vacay.
    I like that the jerseys are trying to stick with the originals.
    But… Maybe too much of an ‘old’ look.
    There’s another design by Justin Cox. Updated. Uses the ‘current’ Seattle colours. Space Needle.
    They’re beauties.

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  3. Why call them them the Metropolitans? The shortened name will be the Mets like in NY Mets. Not very original. I would like a Seattle original like the Totems or some other original NW name. The Tbirds would be great also. Anything but the Mets. Please no. We got so many great nsmes from our NW heritage to choose from.

  4. I live in the B.C. interior, so it would be wicked to have another west coast team to cheer for in the NHL. My favorite logo/jersey is the first one (needs alterations to the colour scheme). I also really like the more modern option # 3.

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