Remember the Seattle Metropolitans

Seattle Metropolitans

We want to start a campaign to bring an NHL team to Seattle.

Seattle hasn’t had a Pro-League hockey team since the Metropolitans, a team that lasted from 1915 to 1924. The Seattle Metropolitans did have two Stanley Cup Final appearances and managed to obtain the top prize, The Stanley Cup, in 1917.

The NHL, through it’s new realignment, set up the perfect scenario for a two future team expansion. For the 2013-2014 season, there are still 30 teams in the NHL.

However, for some “mysterious” reason, the NHL has decided to place 16 of those teams in the Eastern Conference and 14 teams in the Western Conference.

Why is that? There is a method to this madness. The madness is expansion.

It’s no secret that people would love an NHL team in Seattle. There is a Facebook page dedicated to the idea called “NHL to Seattle”: there’s also a website:

What we want, is for the idea of a Seattle NHL team to be burned into the consciousness of the NHL.

We will kick this campaign off with a logo T-shirt of a team long gone, but not forgotten. The Seattle Metropolitans, a name forever etched at the top of the oldest pro-sports chalice, The Stanley Cup.

If you’d like to support the idea of an NHL team returning to the great city of Seattle then please check out the shirt celebrating the 1917 Stanley Cup Champions, The Seattle Metropolitans. 

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