Real Rob Report – The Best of Moffitt

Earlier today The Real Rob Report posted what could very well be the final episode to air from the Seahawks locker room. The show centers around John Moffitt and his “Words of Wisdom” that have become very popular up until he was traded last week. 

Moffitt was actually traded twice. The first trade to the Cleveland Browns was voided because  of an injury concern during the physical. The trade that ultimately saw Moffitt leave the Seahawks was to the Denver Broncos. We were all sad to see one of the best faces to appear on the show leave.

What really shocked the 12th Man was when the man behind the camera, Michael Robinson, was released because his $2.5 million contract was too steep for a fullback who only saw about 33% of the teams offensive snaps.

Let’s all enjoy this episode of our two favorite Real Rob Report characters.

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