Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow

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All of the reports as of late are making it pretty clear that “Gods gift to football,” Peyton Manning won’t be playing for the 12th Man next season. The Denver Post was the first to report the news and quickly afterwards, all of the major networks were following their lead. Just yesterday it was reported that Manning also crossed the Miami Dolphins off of his list. An hour later they were back in the mix with Manning meeting with their staff at an undisclosed time and place. Now that Brandon Marshall has been traded to the Chicago Bears, it appears that Manning may have told them they didn’t really have a shot. Or… possibly they are just positioning themselves to bring in Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark and any other key free agent to please Manning.

So far the two likely landing spots are Denver and Arizona. Denver is in the lead, supposedly, which leads me to question the logic and reports that Manning only wanted to play in warm weather and with a team that played the majority of their games in either a dome or warm climate. The Broncos play one of their 16 games in a dome. The Broncos’ home games aren’t exactly in the climatic geography that Manning and his representation are claiming to desire.

For now, let’s just assume that Manning does indeed end up in the Mile High City. That  would of course end the Tim Tebow tenure in Denver. If any quarterback can crush Tebow Mania, it would be #18. If Denver were to trade the former savior of the Broncos, who would be willing to package picks and take a chance on such a talent with such a poor statistical history?

Only one team comes to mind. The Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars are a franchise that has had much trouble filling the seats and have publicly commented that not taking Tebow when they had the option was a mistake. The Jaguars are currently committed to Blaine Gabbert, their 10th overall selection in last years NFL Draft. A QB battle would ensue, which of course, Tebow would win. The Florida faithful would then be expected to boost ticket sales and the relevance of the struggling Jaguars.

I’m still quite skeptical that Peyton Manning does end up in Denver. Crazier things have happened before.

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