NHL Expansion to Seattle the Truth or Rumor?

NHL expansion – four teams added by 2017, Quebec City, Toronto, Seattle, and Las Vegas $1.4b in expansion fees

— Howard Bloom (@SportsBizNews) August 27, 2014

Rumors of NHL expansion to Seattle were once again awaken by the above tweet from Sports Business News’ Howard Bloom. 

You can check the website for yourself to determine the credibility of the news. The NHL has denied its validity but that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t some truth to it. The league has also denied to further comment on its expansion plans other than to say nothing has changed since it last said there were no current plans to add new franchises. 

Possible Seattle NHL Team Names

What stands out to myself, making it difficult to believe, is that the NHL would add four new teams, one of which would be in a city that already has a franchise. Granted, Toronto is to the NHL what New York is to the MLB. 

Also, Las Vegas would be awarded their first pro sports franchise in one of the four major leagues in American sports. The NBA, NFL and MLB have all avoided the Vegas market due to its obvious ties to gambling and possible corruption of the sport they represent.

Adding an NHL team in Seattle would be a joyous moment, but for now, it should be seen as a rumor and nothing more. We’ll have to wait on an official statement from the NHL before we get too excited for an addition to the already thriving Seattle sports scene. 

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