Mike Carp Nearing End

carp 1Mike Carp will likely cease being a Seattle mariner in the next few days. Maybe even in the next 24 hours.

Jack Zduriencik has had conversations with multiple organizations and there is interest in the first baseman and outfielder. The Twins, Red Sox, Astros and Brewers are a few of the teams that Larry Stone names in his post at the Times.

The Brewers especially seemed to be a fit with Mat Gamel out for the season with a knee injury. The Brewers have said that they’ll try to first look at internal solutions but that doesn’t mean they’re not a possible destination for Carp.

Mike Carp is only 26-years old and former Mariners do have a reputation for improved offensive production once they leave. Adrian Beltre, Shin Soo Choo, and Mike Morse, who is back with the Mariners are a few examples of players that have become much greater contributors to their new teams after leaving the once spacious Safeco Field.

Carp is unlikely to fetch anything of solid value in a trade since he has already been designated.

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