Mariners @ Angels (111)

Seattle Mariners @ Los Angeles Angels Game 111


SEA – Jason Vargas (6-10, 4.19 era)
LAA – Jered Weaver (14-5, 1.88 era)

1. Ichiro RF
2. Wilson SS
3. Ackley 2B
4. Carp 1B
5. Kennedy 3B
6. Olivo C
7. Wells DH
8. Guti CF
9. Robinson LF (Debut)

Jered Weaver had been suspended for 6 games, however because of his appeal he is going to pitch against the Mariners tonight. Aren’t we lucky? The Angels have been Mariner killers for years now. That hasn’t changed in 2011 as they hold a 6-3 series edge heading into this game.

What I’m looking for:

I want to see Casper Wells continue to play well. Since coming over he has been pretty clutch and the offense has benefited greatly form his presence. Of course, it also helps that Dustin Ackley has been on a roll since he was called up. Trayvon Robinson could possibly be in the lineup tonight. If he is, I’ll be sure to watch him especially close. 

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