Felix Hernandez Rated 99 in MLB The Show 13

Felix Hernandez MLB The Show

I’m not quite sure how many of you guys are fans of sports video games. A few of you follow our updates on the Madden series pertaining to Seahawks player and team ratings so I would imagine there would be interest in how the Mariners are rated in the MLB The Show franchise.

SCEA, the developer of the most popular baseball video game has announced that there are 17 players that have attained the coveted 99 rating in this years installment.

Felix Hernandez MLB The ShowOf the 17, one plays for the Mariners. You can imagine who that would be. I’ll even give you a hint. He just signed a huge seven-year $175 million dollar deal.

Felix Hernandez is one of only four starting pitchers to get the highest rating possible. The others, Clayton Kershaw, Stephen Strasburg and Justin Verlander are also deserving.

The is the first year in The Show’s history that players were given a numerical value that was on display for the user. In all of the past iterations a bar was used. The fuller the bar, the higher the rating. This often made it difficult to judge overall ratings and had been lobbied by fans for years to be changed to a number value.

The remaining players rated 99 are:

RP’s Aroldis Chapman and Craig Kimbrel

C Buster Posey

1B Albert Pujols

2B Robinson Cano

SS Troy Tulowitzki

3B Miguel Cabrera

OF’s Ryan Braun, Carlos Gonzalez, Josh Hamilton, Matt Kemp, Andrew McCutchen and Mike Trout.

The Los Angeles Angels lead all teams with three players rated 99 overall. You could certainly argue that certain players that made the list don’t belong – and that others were deserving of holding the coveted 99 rating. Unlike NFL players, don’t expect much public pleading by MLB players to have their rating adjusted upwards.

MLB The Show 13 releases on March 5th.

Are you a fan of The Show series? Are you interested in updates on SSC pertaining to sports video games such as Madden, Fifa and The Show?

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