Does a trade for Julio Jones make sense for the Seahawks?

julio jones seahawks trade rumors

It’s not often one of the best wide receivers in the NFL is available. Despite being 32-years old and only playing in nine games in 2020, Julio Jones still showed he can play. Jones surpassed 100 receiving yards in three of the games he played and nearly had two more, with 97 yards against the Lions and 94 yards versus the Saints.

The question isn’t whether he can still play. The more important thing to ask is if adding another #1 caliber WR is going to make this team better than exploring other moves.

Seahawks Current Wide Receivers

The Seahawks already have DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. The big-bodied Metcalf and the lightning-quick Lockett form possibly the NFL’s best WR duo. Metcalf would unquestionably be the #1 wideout on a majority of NFL teams and Lockett would fill that role on more than a handful as well.

Adding to the stable, Seattle also drafted WR D’Wayne Eskridge in the second round, using their first pick in the 2021 NFL Draft to add what many thought would be their slot WR for the upcoming season. Eskridge signed his rookie contract with the Seahawks two weeks ago just before the start of rookie minicamp.

With the receiving group clearly not being a weakness on the roster, why would the Seahawks use their already limited supply of draft picks to add to a position of strength?

Where do the Seahawks need more help?

The defense was historically bad in the first half of the season. Adding Carlos Dunlap in a trade with the Bengals was a huge help to the pass rush, and it did help turn things around for the defense, but Seattle still hasn’t re-signed linebacker KJ Wright or added a reliable option to replace cornerback Shaquill Griffin. Seattle’s former starting corner signed a three-year, $45 million dollar deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars this offseason. The contract made him the seventh highest-paid corner in the league.

akhello witherspoon seahawks
Seahawks CB Akhello Witherspoon

Cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon has been brought in and as of now is expected to start at Griffin’s old spot. Witherspoon has consistently dealt with injuries, never playing a full 16-game season when with the San Francisco 49ers. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll loves to gamble on projects and comeback candidates such as Witherspoon. I’d like to see a more reliable option be brought in. More on that a little later.

If the Seahawks are in win-now mode, which I’m sure we all agree they should be – using the little draft capital they have at other positions would be the smart move if you ask me.

Both sides of the line need more talent. We saw the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win the Super Bowl with a star-studded cast at WR, but they also had a defensive line that wrecked their opponents in the playoffs and made Patrick Mahomes mortal in the Super Bowl.

Current Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore has also been rumored to be on the trading block and would likely cost less in a trade.

What would a trade for Julio Jones cost the Seahawks?

Rumors are the Falcons already have an offer of a first-round pick. If they truly do, they’ll likely announce a trade come June 1st with whichever team is making that offer. I’m skeptical there’s a team out there that would gamble a first-rounder for a 32-year old WR coming off a hamstring injury that sidelined him for seven games.

A second-round pick in return for Julio Jones and a late-round pick makes more sense to me. Again, any trade will not become official until after June 1st. This will allow the Falcons to prorate some of the money left on his contract over multiple years.

I would love to see Julio Jones in a Seahawks jersey, and I would welcome him with open arms if a trade materialized. He’d clearly make the Seahawks better. I just feel like there are other areas the Seahawks can add an impact player where the benefit would be greater overall.

What are your thoughts on Julio Jones possibly becoming a Seahawk? Would you trade an early draft pick for him?

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