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Thunderbirds Season Struggles Continue


It’s no wonder all the hockey talk in Seattle has been focused on the possibility of a new NHL team relocating to the Pacific Northwest. The team that currently takes up our time isn’t doing very well. The Seattle Thunderbirds are currently 19th in the standings. The WHL has 22 teams.

Burke Gallimore Thunderbirds

Gallimore leads all Thunderbirds with 18 goals

In their last ten games the Thunderbirds have won only twice. One win coming in overtime. In 52 games the Thunderbirds have only scored 127 goals, second to last in the Western Hockey League.

The Thunderbird leading scorer, Burke Gallimore has just 18 goals on the season in 52 games played. The WHL leader, Emerson Etem has 49 goals in 48 games played. Gallimore has a plus/minus of -27!

For those of you that don’t follow hockey. A plus/minus factors how many goals are scored while you are on the ice. If your team scores, that’s a plus one. If your team allows a goal, minus one. This means that the player who is one the ice for the Thunderbirds when they generally score a lot has still given up 27 more goals than his team has scored with him on the ice.

Hockey is a very exciting sport to watch in person and I truly hope that Seattle is lucky enough to get an NHL franchise here along with a future NBA team. I’m sure hockey will gain a following much like the Sounders have over the past few years.

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