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SSC Podcast Episode 1

seattle sports central podcast

Today Mike from Sea Talk Intentional and I recorded our first podcast together. It went really well for being put together pretty quickly. Below is a list of topics that we discussed, though there is more. The podcast runs close to an hour but it’s worth a listen. 

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  • Mike Morse was traded and we disagree on whether the Mariners should have held on to him or not.
  • Taijuan Walker makes his MLB debut and the Astros are a perfect team for him to face.
  • The Sounders defeated the Timbers and move into the lead for the Cascadia Cup as well as hold the final spot for the playoffs.
  • For the second preseason in a row the Seahawks went undefeated. Does that mean anything for the regular season?
  • The rosters have to be trimmed to 53 tomorrow. Who will the Seahawks release?
  • Who is the most important Seahawks this season and will Russell Wilson improve or regress.
  • We discuss bandwagon fans and why we both hate their kind.

Most Liked NFL Teams by County

most liked nfl teams

Update: The Seahawks Facebook page gained the third highest amount of “Likes” over the past eight months, compared to the other 31 NFL teams. Over 114,000 people have liked the Seahawks Facebook page, resulting in a 14% total increase. A full breakdown of every teams media presence on both Facebook and Twitter can be found here

Hat tip to r/nfl user sootster


Facebook released the graphic that is seen below that designates which NFL teams are the most “liked” in each county in the U.S. The largest geographic area belongs to the Dallas Cowboys, followed by he Denver Broncos. Surprisingly the Minnesota Vikings have the third highest coverage of any NFL team.

The Cowboys aren’t such a surprise and can use this as justification for still being labeled “Americas Team”, although the majority of Americans dislike them and continue to use Tony Romo as a punchline to their favorite joke. But, who knew there were so many Cowboys fans in Nevada and Idaho?

The Broncos have an advantage being located in a region that doesn’t offer many options to states without an NFL team. Peyton Manning certainly helps attract fans from states such as Wyoming and Utah.

Again, the Vikings take advantage of two states without teams, the Dakota’s.

The Seahawks do have control of the Northwest and with their recent play should start to move further into Oregon, which currently has a lot of Raiders fans. Oregon and Idaho residents will soon start to hit the “like” button on the Seahawks Facebook page and then, we take over the world!

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What is the best uniform in Seattle sports?

old seahawks

Today’s question is; which team from the past or present has the best uniforms in Seattle sports? The Supersonics had a variety of threads and with the new Seahawks uni’s, they have a few options to choose from. With the Sounders, Huskies and Storm being added to the list, it gives us plenty to think about.

Uniforms may not be as important as the players that put them on, but in some cases they can become just as iconic as the legends that wore them. Even though I have a hate/hate relationship with the New York Yankees (MLB), I can admit that their simple design and NY logo is one of the best in sports.

The San Francisco 49ers (NFL) are another brand that is known not only for their Super Bowls, but also thanks to their red and gold theme that looks amazing. The Chicago Blackhawks (NHL) and Los Angeles Lakers (NBA) are others. Interesting how some of the best looking uniforms belong to legendary teams with amazing championship history. 

Take a look at the gallery below and let us know which uniform is the best in Seattle’s sports history. 

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Seattle Sports Soup: Holmgren’s back, Vote Russell, Morse and Morales to be traded?


Seattle Sports Soup is a collection of stories from around the internet.


Mike Holmgren is employed in Seattle again. Instead of coaching the Seahawks, Holmgren will be a radio commentator at KJR 950. (TNT)

Richard Sherman argues that NFL players should be payed for preseason games, like the one that New York Giants safety Stevie Brown tore his ACL in. (MMQB)

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra is in town and hanging around the VMAC to see how Pete Carroll runs the show. (Twitter)

Adam Schein of discusses why the 49ers, Seahawks, Rams and Cardinals make the NFC West the NFL’s best division. (NFL)

For you Madden fans out there, this week you can vote on which QB gets a ratings boost in the game. Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, RG3, Ryan Tannehill and Brandon Weeden are the options to vote for. (NFL)

Mike Morse and Kendrys Morales were both placed on waivers by the team and could be traded sometime in August. Morales was claimed by an unknown club, but it is very likely that it was an American League team. (MLBTR)

Two days ago I wrote on the site’s Facebook page that the Mariners needed to get rid of Aaron Harang. He has been terrible the entire season and there was no reason to bring him back next year, let alone keep him around for the remainder of this one. Well, the Mariners felt the same and have designated him for assignment. (MLBTR)

Since Dustin Ackley has been recalled from AAA Tacoma, he’s been one of, if not the best Mariner hitter. West Coast Bias looks deeper into things and wonders if this is real, or if he’s just teasing us again. (WCB)

Seattle Sports Soup: Top 10 Seahawks, 4,000 hits, Sounders vs Timbers and more

russell wilson elite

Seattle Sports Soup is a collection of stories from around the internet.

russell wilson elite

ESPN takes a shot at ranking the top ten Seahawks on the current roster. Some talented men were left off, but with this team it’s impossible for everyone to pick the same ten guys. (ESPN)

The Seahawks have got a ton of attention from ESPN the past few days and this time they discuss the Seahawks uniform and how it has gone from strange and futuristic to being just right. (ESPN)

Michael Silver of projects that the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl thanks to Russell Wilson. Silver was born a 49ers fan so this comes as a bit of a shocker. (

Again from ESPN. This time they write about how the culture has changed for the Seahawks and how the team has been built by Pete Carroll and John Schneider to include multiple talented pieces. (ESPN)

Ichiro reached 4,000 career hits between Japan and his time in the MLB. Jeff Sullivan of USS Mariner had a few words on the subject. (USS Mariner)

After Dustin Ackley was sent down to Tacoma to change his approach at the plate and get comfortable playing the outfield, the former Mariners second basemen has seen his numbers improve since coming back to the Majors. Why exactly? (Lookout Landing)

The Mariners had been rumored to be interested in bringing Yankees general manager Brian Cashman to fill the same role with the club. Jack Zduriencik came to Seattle and was immediately cheered for his moves. Lately the tone has changed and many of the top prospects that Z had either traded for or drafted have not lived up to their high expectations. (MLB Trade Rumors)

The Sounders have developed one of MLS’s greatest rivalries with the Portland Timbers. The two play each other and the Cascadia Cup could be on the line. (Sounders FC)

Here are 14 reasons why it’s a great time to be a soccer fan in America. The Sounders make a few appearances on the list. (Buzzfeed)

Seattle Sports Soup: Broncos crushed, Touching My Wish, Felix Whooped and Sounders Lose

jermaine kearse seahawks

jermaine kearse seahawks

A collection of Seattle sports related content found across the internet.

Firstly, an incredible story about a kid that got to have his wish come true when he met his football idol, Russell Wilson and the rest of the Seattle Seahawks. Sure to leave your eyes wetter than when you started watching. (My Wish)

Peyton Manning’s post game press conference. Mostly just discussing how the Broncos were forced to try and overcome some serious game changing plays on the Seahawks part. (

Fox Sports thinks the Seahawks are probably the best show in all of the NFL with their all around talent. (Fox Sports)

A collection of Seahawks post game press conferences starting with Russell Wilson’s (

King Felix gets roughed up against the Texas Rangers and is now second in the American League ERA race to a New York Yankee. (ESPN)

The Sounders FC lost to the Houston Dynamo despite Clint Dempsey being in the lineup. The team did manage to put 20 shots on goal and could have won with a few lucky breaks. Bottom line, Clint Dempsey won’t single-handedly win the MLS Cup, but he is improving the team. (

Seattle Sports Soup: Chris Hansen, Punts, Wilson to Wilson, M’s Middle Infield and more

chris hansen

A look at recent Seattle sports topics brought up elsewhere on the world-wide web. 

Chris Hansen, the hedge fund manager who nearly purchased the Sacramento Kings and relocated them to Seattle, is under major scrutiny. Hansen apparently contributed $100,000 of his own money to a group opposing the construction of the new Sacramento arena. Hansen released an official statement on the site detailing the efforts to bring the Sonics back to Seattle. (Sonics Arena)

Zach Miller has been removed from the PUP (physically unable to perform) list and will rejoin the team before their Saturday game against the Denver Broncos at CenturyLink Field. (

Since the Seahawks let go of their punt returner from last year, Leon Washington, and the man who was supposed to take over those duties, Percy Harvin, was injured for the majority of the season, it’s a fair question to ask who is next in line to give returning punts a go. (12th Man Rising)

Brian Nemhauser, better known as the Hawk Blogger hands out some training camp awards from what he’s seen over the first two weeks of the open practices. (Hawk Blogger)

Zach Miller and Anthony McCoy were one of the better tight end duos in the NFL until McCoy was hurt. Rookie Luke Wilson will be asked to fill in for McCoy and second year QB Russell Wilson will likely be throwing at the 6′ 4” receiver than runs a 4.5 40. (Field Gulls)

Peyton Manning knows what’s up as the Broncos prepare to come to Seattle to take on the Seahawks in the loudest stadium in the NFL. (Imgur)

Jess Sullivan looks at the Mariners middle infield, Nick Franklin and Brad Miller, and how they are adjusting at the major league level now that both have had more time to scout and be scouted by major league teams. As you can imagine, the more time they spend in the show, the harder their at bats get against big league pitchers. (USS Mariner)

MLB Trade Rumors reported that Mariners shortstop and defensive guru, Brendan Ryan, has cleared waivers. It’s uncertain what his immediate future holds.

MLBTR also talks about the possibility that the Mariners could seriously pursue Red Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury in the offseason. Ellsbury is a local product who may want to return closer to home. The outfielder will be 30 next season. (MLB Trade Rumors)

There is less than one week left to order a Seattle Metropolitans 1917 Stanley Cup Champions T-Shirt. It seems like it was just yesterday that they hoisted the Cup over their heads in front of their hometown fans. Ok, so it was over 90 years ago. It’d still be really cool to sport a shirt that few people will ever own and would be a great way to support the NHL coming to Seattle in the very near future. (Seattle Metropolitans T-Shirts)

2013 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

Manning of Steel

Funny fantasy football team names for the 2013 season

Two years ago we started coming out with lists of funny fantasy football team names before the NFL season kicks off. 2013 is no different except for the fact that we’re separating our funny Seahawks team names (found in the link below) from the rest and making them two individual posts. Here is the 2013 NFL version with some of our favorites from years past mixed in with some brand new choices.

More: Seahawks fantasy football team names

Warning: Some may be offensive to overly sensitive individuals. If this is you, don’t scroll further.

Manning of Steel

2013 funny fantasy football team names


The White Welkers

2013 funny fantasy football team names


Hernandez’s High Powered Offense


2013 funny fantasy football team names


A Bingo Ate My Baby


2013 funny fantasy football team names


Smith Happens


2013 funny fantasy football team names


Arian’s Brotherhood


2013 funny fantasy football team names


Sacks To Be Cutler


2013 funny fantasy football team names


No Suh For You!


2013 funny fantasy football team names


Forte Year Old Virgin


2013 funny fantasy football team names

Hat tip to the reddit community along with for a few of the selections.

If you guys have any other suggestions for funny fantasy football team names then let us know in the comments.

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