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NHL Expansion to Seattle the Truth or Rumor?

Rumors of NHL expansion to Seattle were once again awaken by the above tweet from Sports Business News’ Howard Bloom. 

You can check the website for yourself to determine the credibility of the news. The NHL has denied its validity but that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t some truth to it. The league has also denied to further comment on its expansion plans other than to say nothing has changed since it last said there were no current plans to add new franchises. 

Possible Seattle NHL Team Names


What stands out to myself, making it difficult to believe, is that the NHL would add four new teams, one of which would be in a city that already has a franchise. Granted, Toronto is to the NHL what New York is to the MLB. 

Also, Las Vegas would be awarded their first pro sports franchise in one of the four major leagues in American sports. The NBA, NFL and MLB have all avoided the Vegas market due to its obvious ties to gambling and possible corruption of the sport they represent.

Adding an NHL team in Seattle would be a joyous moment, but for now it should be seen as a rumor and nothing more. We’ll have to wait on an official statement from the NHL before we get too excited for an addition to the already thriving Seattle sports scene. 

Seattle Metropolitans – Uniform Concepts and Why They Will be Loved

Seattle Metropolitans Uniform Concept

seattle metropolitansThe Seattle Metropolitans made Seattle a great hockey town. Seattle still is a great hockey town. It just doesn’t remember. 

I’m not going to go back and relive the history of the franchise that resided in Seattle and won the first Stanley Cup in American history in 1917. It’s a great fun fact and we should take some level of pride knowing that Seattle already has some established history with the sport of hockey.

However, not many 96-year olds go out to the sports bars and brag about being there when the team raised the cup in the air. It would undoubtedly be a great story to hear, but it isn’t happening. 

What the Seattle Metropolitans represent now is a possibility. A chance for the NHL to allow Seattle to be a serious hockey town again. The local support for the Thunderbirds is a small glimpse of what we could bring to the table.

A better example would be the Sounders. The Sounders were a soccer team in Seattle before they were “THE” soccer team in Seattle. When the MLS granted the city a team in the league, the original Sounders became what we know today. The city now supports them unlike any other soccer team in North America, leading the MLS in attendance for the past four seasons. Clint Dempsey’s home début has sold 67,000 tickets and additional seats had to be opened up while also allowing standing room only seats to be made available for the very first time in the teams brief history. 

This is what the NHL should expect from Seattle. The city had the Sonics, Mariners, Storm and Seahawks. There just wasn’t room for another pro sport in the city. How would people have the money to support another team? Merchandise and tickets aren’t cheap and the Mariners had seen attendance falling at a faster rate than many pro teams have in years.

Yet we fell in love with soccer, hard. Aside from the Seahawks, you could say that the Sounders are the city’s second favorite team.

If, and I think it’s more a question of when, the NHL grants us an expansion team – we’ll show the Metropolitans, or whatever the new team will end up being named the same kind of love and devotion.

More: Seattle Metropolitans Championship T-Shirt

Whoever owns the franchise will obviously have the right to select the name. If he or she chooses to stick with Metropolitans, or opens it up to a vote for the residents and they too choose tradition over something like Sasquatch or Blades, then we may see something like this skating the ice. (Continued below gallery)

 [soliloquy id=”9676″]

There are plenty of options there and many of them look amazing. Fans have really taken to creating what they think would be the best look for the team. created or hosted most of the images in the slider and they do an amazing job coming up with new ideas for many other current and potential teams. 

As you can tell from some of the logos, Metropolitans can be shortened to Metros if desired. Although that opens up the obvious insults that many opposing fans would undoubtedly use.

Let me know which jerseys (called sweaters by hardcore hockey fans) and logos you like the best in the comments section below. 

Seattle’s Hockey History

seattle hockey history

seattle hockey history

A great video popped up on my news feed regarding Seattle’s extensive history in the sport of hockey. Many of us know by now of the Metropolitans Stanley Cup win in 1917. What we may not know is that the city has been called home to many other teams since.

Check out the video for a great summary of Seattle’s rich hockey past.

Also, if you’re a fan of hockey or want to support the NHL expanding to Seattle; think about buying one of these awesome Seattle Metropolitans 1917 Champions shirts.

NHL Expansion to Seattle Talk Heats Up

metropolitans logo

nhltoseattleIt seems like the past 12 months were filled with rumors on expanding the professional sports scene in Seattle. 

The NBA wanted to bring the Kings to Seattle but all we ended up doing was help Sacramento rally their troops. 

Phoenix turned out to be the equivalent for the NHL. That organization found new, local buyers to keep the team from relocating.

Now it turns out that the NHL is seriously considering expansion. Can you guess which city seems the clear-cut favorite to land this new expansion team?

Mitch Levy, a sports-talk radio host in Seattle, shared a rumor saying NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is pushing the Board of Governors to make an expansion team available to Seattle. Levy says it would cost $275 million to start the team and that the new team would begin playing in the 2014-15 season.

Source: Pro Hockey Talk

An NHL team playing in Seattle’s Key Arena as early as 2014 would be the absolute best case scenario that hockey fans could hope for. 

An owner stepping up and paying $275 million, the league establishing an expansion draft, a franchise hiring all necessary staff including a coach and general manager would all have to be completed in a years time. Often just choosing a name and color scheme can take this long.

Seattle Metropolitans

Original Red and Green Color Scheme

Remember the Seattle Metropolitans

Seattle Metropolitans

Seattle Metropolitans

We want to start a campaign to bring an NHL team to Seattle.

Seattle hasn’t had a Pro-League hockey team since the Metropolitans, a team that lasted from 1915 to 1924. The Seattle Metropolitans did have two Stanley Cup Final appearances and managed to obtain the top prize, The Stanley Cup, in 1917.

The NHL, through it’s new realignment, set up the perfect scenario for a two future team expansion. For the 2013-2014 season, there are still 30 teams in the NHL.

However, for some “mysterious” reason, the NHL has decided to place 16 of those teams in the Eastern Conference and 14 teams in the Western Conference.

Why is that? There is a method to this madness. The madness is expansion.

It’s no secret that people would love an NHL team in Seattle. There is a facebook page dedicated to the idea called “NHL to Seattle”: there’s also a website:

What we want, is for the idea of a Seattle NHL team to be burned into the consciousness of the NHL.

We will kick this campaign off with a logo T-shirt of a team long gone, but not forgotten. The Seattle Metropolitans, a name forever etched at the top of the oldest pro-sports chalice, The Stanley Cup.

If you’d like to support the idea of an NHL team returning to the great city of Seattle then please check out the shirt celebrating the 1917 Stanley Cup Champions, The Seattle Metropolitans. 

Reports: Kings Staying in Sacramento

Seattle Supersonics

sonics kings logo 2Initial reports are that the NBA Board of Governors have voted to keep the Kings in Sacramento. Various media outlets and reporters are commenting that “high level” sources have confirmed the results of the vote.

The Seattle group led by Chris Hansen went into their meeting with the BOG which lasted approximately 30 minutes.

The Sacramento contingent consisting of Mayor Kevin Johnson and Vivek Ranadive and other then had their chance. Their meeting exceeded the time Seattle was given and was closer to an hour.

The two groups each retreated without comment after their respective meetings and the NBA’s owners took a break in the lobby which many reporters stated was filled with a few animated discussions. David Stern was seen joining Mark Cuban and others in the talks.

We’re just waiting on the press conference to begin which can be seen here.


The Sonics and Kings Battle Ends Today

sonics kings logo 2

sonics kings logo

Update: Kings Staying in Sacramento

Today is the day that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people have waited for. Two cities, both with hopes of an NBA team playing in their town next season expect the decision of NBA team owners on the future of the Sacramento Kings franchise.

The back story has been well documented here at SSC as well as many other local and national media outlets. I won’t go into that in this post. If you need to get caught up you can read that by clicking the following links.

It started with:

Sonics are Back!

Then evolved into:

Not so fast!

And then:

NBA Relocation Committee Says No to Seattle

And finally…

Major news in the Sonics Sales Agreement

There, now you’re all up to date.

Here is what both sides want to hear from the NBA tomorrow.

What Sacramento wants to hear:

Sacramento expects to hear that the NBA will not allow the relocation of the Kings to Seattle, upholding the 7-0 vote by the committee, and will also not approve Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmers to purchase the Kings from the Maloof family.

They would like the Maloof’s to then sell their share in the Kings to the ownership group led by Vivek Ranadive. Ranadive currently owns a stake on the Golden State Warriors and has become the “whale” that Sacramento Mayor, Kevin Johnson, was in search of since the sale of the Kings to Hansen was first reported.

What Seattle wants to hear:

Seattle fans on the other hand would love to hear an official announcement that the NBA Relocation Committee has approved the request to relocate the Kings to Seattle, something that the Maloof family had submitted paperwork for months ago.

Following the approval of the move, the NBA would support the sale of the team to the Hansen/Ballmer group for a record amount and the Sonics would be playing in Key Arena in a few short months.

This would not only set the precedent that all NBA owners can sell their franchise to whomever they wish, but would also establish a new record for what an NBA team is worth – upwards of $600 million or more. Every franchises value would go up. Ownership in an NBA team would be even more sought after and profitable, partly because the NBA would be bringing the Kings to a larger TV market and would be guaranteed to receive yearly payments from the Sonics for the competitive balance pool.

What will likely happen:

The NBA is in a very difficult situation. It’s a no-win kind of situation if you look at everything that has been reported in the past few days and months.

The only, and I mean only way that the NBA can truly come out of this looking like the good guys is by allowing the Sacramento Kings to stay in Sacramento with a new ownership group. An ownership group that does not include Chris Hansen or Steve Ballmer. Or the Maloof’s, who the NBA desperately wants to exile from the ownership ranks.

Seattle fans have to admit that Sacramento has fought tooth and nail for their team. It absolutely deserves to keep it.

This however wouldn’t be a winning situation for the NBA. Not with another city deserving of a team and that has gone beyond what they should have to do to get a team after theirs was stolen years ago.

This is why I think the NBA will announce that it will grant an expansion team to the city of Seattle. Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer will be allowed to pay expansion fees and a new team will be established in the Pacific Northwest within 2-3 years.

It’s likely Hansen will consider this somewhat of a loss as he has fought for the NBA to begin playing games in Key Arena this upcoming season. This is the best scenario that the NBA can come up with to please two rabid fanbases as well as maintain a positive image across the country.

Expansion would cause other issues. The league would have uneven teams and Commissioner David Stern has claimed expansion was not possible for at least three years. I think Seattle is an exception in this case.

Today is the perfect opportunity for the NBA to please the millions of fans in both markets with what they want – to watch NBA basketball in their city again.

Major New Revelation in The Sonics / Kings Saga

Seattle Supersonics

Seattle SuperSonics

Not only has Chris Hansen raised his offer for the Kings for the third time, by $75 million, but the Maloofs and Hansen have come to terms on a backup plan in case the NBA doesn’t allow the group to purchase the Kings.

Latest New Sonics Arena Images

The news is significant enough that the NBA has scheduled another meeting for the relocation committee before the full owners contingent meet for a final vote.

The deal would allow Hansen-Ballmer to buy 20% of the Kings and would keep the Maloofs as the primary owners. This would open up so many different possibilities for Hansen and Ballmer to buy the remaining portion of the Kings that would be required to have a majority stake of the team within a few years.

ESPN has the story with all the juicy details.

Sounds like really good news, right?

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