Seahawks Bye Week Giveaway

Seahawks Bye Week Giveaway

For players, the bye week serves as a weekend to rest, rejuvenate and prepare for future competition. But for loyal, die-hard fans it’s the worst weekend of the NFL season. What the hell are we supposed to do on Sunday? For us Seahawks fans it just doesn’t seem right to turn on the TV and not watch the Seahawks.

That’s why we’re giving you something to look forward to this year. Though there still wont be any Seahawks football, we will be giving away a white Sidney Rice jersey on Sunday Oct. 23, during the Browns game. This should give all you fans a chance to focus your energy on the jersey giveaway this bye week. Rice and the Seahawks take on the Browns in a game we all expect them to win now that they have showed us what they can do against a team such as the Giants. The following week the Seahawks take on the Bengals at CenturyLink and you can wear your very own Sidney Rice jersey courtesy of SeattleSportsCentral.

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