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10 Funny and Awesome Fantasy Football Team Names for 2012

10 Funny and Awesome Fantasy Football Team Names for 2012

Seattle Sports Central has come up with our list of 10 funny and awesome fantasy football team names to use in your leagues this coming season. Last year our funny name list was a huge hit and well… why stop a good thing? Aside from grabbing that sleeper that busts out and almost single-handedly carries your team to the title, deciding your team name is the most important thing you’ll do all year.

Last years list can be found here:

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2012 Funny and Awesome Fantasy Football Team Names

Carsons Palmhairs – Insert a variety of jokes here about Carson Palmer sucking, choking etc… after being acquired by the Raiders. If you hate Palmer or just hate the Raiders, this is a good one to use.

Wes Walkers – Welker suffered a major injury to his ACL and MCL a few seasons ago and has battled the injury bug since. A neck injury last season caused some headaches for his fantasy owners. Welker is one of the toughest guys in the NFL but if you do draft him, don’t be surprised if you slot him in the DL spot and not at WR.

They’re not cookies, they’re Cam Newtons – Cam Newton has his fair share of sponsors. Especially after his amazing rookie season in which he broke pretty much all the important rookie passing records. There isn’t any other sponsor that would be more perfect than good ol’ Fig Newtons.

Forte Year Old Virgin – Matt Forte is one of the best all-around running backs in the NFL. Forte will get a huge payday, be it from the bears or his impressive old school action figure collection.

The Brady Bunch – The Brady Bunch is a classic name each year. Though the bunch has changed since Brady first came up, Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski are two amazing targets and any owner will be lucky to get even two of the three.

No Suh For You – In leagues where you can draft individual defensive players, Suh is a hot commodity. The Lions defense as a whole is so much better with one of the leagues best DT’s. Rub it in your opponents face each week by letting them know that the Soup Nazi says “No Suh For You!”

Tiny Tim Tebow – Can I have some more? Tim Tebow owners would like some more to Timmy! More than just the 5 minutes you kick ass at the end of a game, then turn it over to your kicker to win it. If you could even give us half a game of 100% Tebow Time we’d be grateful. God bless ya Timmy.

Sacks to be Cutler – Jay Cutler had to endure a whopping 52 sacks in 2010. A season he played 15 games. In 2011 Cutler was sacked  23 times in 10 games. The Bears were one of the hottest teams in the NFL thanks to his play and look to protect Cutler more in 2012, especially with the addition of Brandon Marshall. But yeah… it sucked to be Cutler the past two seasons.

The Playbook of Eli – Many will kill to get one. Eli will kill to keep it. Eli Maning just keeps winning. After his second championship, both against the Patriots, Eli has to be mentioned as one of the ELI-te quarterbacks in the NFL. With Victor Cruz emerging as a star at wide receiver Eli now has the weapons needed to be strongly considered as one of the first few QB’s drafted.

Alex Smith Happens – I mentioned earlier that finding a sleeper or having a backup in case of injury that steps up can be a huge help in carrying your team tot he title. It’s safe to say that if you had Alex Smith as your starting QB week 1 you either were a huge Smith fan or the auto draft screwed you over when it came to the position. Well, Alex Smith turned out to be a pretty solid passer in 2011. 49ers fans were ecstatic to see him finally pan out. If the 49ers QB can be more consistent than “Smith Happens” can be the next “that’s a clown question, bro” craze.



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