Update: The Seahawks Facebook page gained the third highest amount of “Likes” over the past eight months, compared to the other 31 NFL teams. Over 114,000 people have liked the Seahawks Facebook page, resulting in a 14% total increase. A full breakdown of every teams media presence on both Facebook and Twitter can be found here

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Facebook released the graphic that is seen below that designates which NFL teams are the most “liked” in each county in the U.S. The largest geographic area belongs to the Dallas Cowboys, followed by he Denver Broncos. Surprisingly the Minnesota Vikings have the third highest coverage of any NFL team.

The Cowboys aren’t such a surprise and can use this as justification for still being labeled “Americas Team”, although the majority of Americans dislike them and continue to use Tony Romo as a punchline to their favorite joke. But, who knew there were so many Cowboys fans in Nevada and Idaho?

The Broncos have an advantage being located in a region that doesn’t offer many options to states without an NFL team. Peyton Manning certainly helps attract fans from states such as Wyoming and Utah.

Again, the Vikings take advantage of two states without teams, the Dakota’s.

The Seahawks do have control of the Northwest and with their recent play should start to move further into Oregon, which currently has a lot of Raiders fans. Oregon and Idaho residents will soon start to hit the “like” button on the Seahawks Facebook page and then, we take over the world!

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