One of the more popular posts on SSC has been our question to our visitors asking, “What Should The New Seattle NHL Team be Named?”

The poll logged over 1,300 votes and from the three choices offered, the Thunderbirds won while receiving over 41% of the votes.

What was surprising was that the comments section became extremely popular with hundreds of suggestions coming in with some unique and some not-so-unique possibilities for Seattle NHL hockey team names.

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Of the four major sports leagues in America – MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA – the NHL is the only league to not have a team reside in the city of Seattle.

We all know the recent news that the Sonics may be coming back and that Chris Hansen has come to an agreement for the Sacramento Kings franchise to move to Seattle. Hansen and the city of Seattle have also agreed to build a new arena next to downtown’s CenturyLink and Safeco Field. The new arena, concept images of which can be seen here, would be built with the expectation to host both an NBA franchise and an NHL hockey team.

The NHL currently owns and operates the Phoenix Coyotes. The Coyotes average under 12,000 fans per home game. That’s more than 1,500 less than the next-to-last team. Even opposing hockey fans come out to see the Coyotes less than any other NHL team – almost 800 less fans per away game than the 29th worst team in the league. With their attendance the worst in the league it’s likely the NHL will sell sooner than later, even if they can’t find a buyer willing to keep the team in the Phoenix market.

Geoff Baker, the Times’ Mariners writer offered his take on why Seattle isn’t likely to be first in line for the Coyotes.

This is where Seattle comes in. The city has buzzed with NHL rumors for the past decade and with the new arena situation and prospective buyers wanting to bring a hockey team to Seattle, plus the Coyotes being a financial burden to the other NHL owners it seems we have a perfect storm of sorts for Seattle to join the slim list of cities with four major professional league teams.

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One of the biggest questions and one the new owners would likely ask Seattle residents is, “what do we call the new hockey team?” It’d be very unlikely that any NHL team in Seattle continue to use the name “Coyotes.”

Fan suggestions for Seattle NHL Hockey Team Names:

  • Freeze
  • Sockeyes
  • Rain (Reign)
  • Sasquatches
  • Cascades
  • Emeralds
  • Chinooks
  • Shadow
  • Sealions
  • Pilots
  • Orcas
  • Breakers
  • Bombers
  • Metropolitans
  • Flight
  • Storm
  • Steelheads
  • Pacifics
  • Pioneers
  • Merchants
  • Jetliners
  • Olympics
  • Salmons
  • Sting
  • Ice Dogs
  • Red Hooks
  • Grays
  • Argonauts
  • Kraken
  • Phantoms
  • Ice Breakers
  • Samurai
  • Tritons
  • Blades
  • Seals
  • Trackers
  • Tomahawks
  • Greenwaves
  • Ice Hawks
  • Admirals
  • Lumberjacks
  • Stealth
  • Blizzard
  • Glaciers
  • Thunderhawks
  • Axemen
  • Seawolves
  • Soundwaves
  • Sound
  • Grizzlys

Select your top 3 choices and the winners will advance to the next round to see which name is Seattle’s favorite.

There are many solid options to choose from and it’s clear that many of the suggestions came with the intent on incorporating the cities geographic and business history into the new hockey identity.

As you can see in the gallery below, many fans have already created logos and uniforms for their favorite choices.

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Tell us what your choice is for a Seattle NHL team name in the comments section below. 

  • Lee

    For the love of… do not choose anything with a singular noun if you want Seattle to be accepted into the NHL fold by it’s fans. If you give Seattle a 90’s expansion team name you will be treated like a joke by the rest of the league. Kraken, Sasquatch, Freeze, Stealth are out!

    There is no need for this! Seattle has a rich hockey history and has excellent potential for a great logo uniform and brand if they just use a historical name. Totems, Thunderbirds, and Bombers should be the only names considered period.

    • Have to agree with you, though i think Kraken is such a great name! Wouldn’t go over though.

      • Kraken would be an epic name. But I’m not certain how it would go over either.

  • James

    The Seattle Metropolitans won the Stanley cup in 1917…I want to see that flag hanging in the new arena..or just keep “Coyotes” I like the team and colors already….If you need to start fresh..I like “Emeralds” has a nice Seattle ring to it…

    • Paul Novak

      Coyotes isn’t a bad name and the colors are nice. I just envision a relocated team in Seattle wanting to build its own identity.

      Using the Mets name again would be fine, but I don’t think the decision-makers want to borrow a name already used by another pro league team.

      • Joe

        Ottawa Senators & Winnepeg Jets both used the names of previous franchises in their cities.

  • Ben

    I wonder how many people know that the Puget Sound area already has a Stealth.
    Also, I agree with the 90’s expansion team statement. Team names should be plural nouns, unless they are in the WNBA.
    I personally would like Pilots, or Chinooks, or Grizzlies. The Seattle Rain is pretty shitty name. Might as well call them the “Moist”.

    • Steve Hall

      Im with you Chinooks!! Awesome.

  • Danl

    I like Grizzlies best, but what’s wrong with spelling Grizzlies the correct way? Is Grizzlys a play on Microsoft Word or something??

    Metros has a slang meaning that is entirely inconsistent with anything to do with hockey.

    Thunderbirds is already taken. Any true Seattle hockey fan would get a five minute major before they would consider naming an NHL team after the WHL team.

    • Paul Novak

      Because Grizzlys is the “cool” way to spell it. And the Sounders were named after a lesser leagues local team. Why not do the same with the Thunderbirds?

    • Steve Hall

      I agree with your assessment totally.

  • dave

    how about the Seattle Natives

  • Like The Seahawks & the mariners & the Sounders name them something Seattle has alot of or is known for

    • Like… Coffee? Water? Rain? Suicides?

  • bluering

    please please please let it be the sasquatch!!!!!

    • Sasquatch is currently in 4th place in our voting. Seems the Thunderbirds have a huge edge and will be the heavy favorite when we do our top 5 poll in a few days.

  • Scott

    Thunderbirds only works if you promote the Thunderbirds to the NHL. It doesn’t work to have two teams in the same town with the same name.
    The Metros would be cool just for the history. They were the first American team to win the Stanley cup. Nobody freaks out about the New York Metropolitans name. I trust most people to be adults about it.

    • I would imagine that the same would happen with the Thundrbirds as happened with the Sounders. An NHL team would come in and the TBirds would disband or be renamed.

      I’m not oppsed to the Metropolitans at all, or many other suggestions that have already been made. I honestly just want the NHL to come to Seattle and give us another team to follow. Hockey is a great sport to watch live and I would think many Seattle people would rally around them just like they did with the Sounders.

  • NHL Fever

    Considering the fact that we have the Space Needle and Capitol Hill, we should call ourselves the Seattle Syringe…

  • yyj72

    Seattle Grinders (it has a coy coffee link and a “grinder” is a hockey archetype for a hardworking, reliable player that gets respect from fans).

    Also I suggest something edgy, blue collar and historical from the forestry industry, like:

    Lumberjacks (“Go Jacks go!” has a nice ring to it)
    Whistle Punks
    River Rats

    Agree that singular nouns are lame and very dated.

    • Guest

      The uniforms for the Grinders could be a dark brown, black,black and white combination similar to that used in desert camouflage for the army.

      Or what about Seattle Eagles?

      • I don’t think brown really translates to pro sports uniforms. Only team I can think of right away are the browns and they have some of the worst threads in all of sports.

        The forestry idea is solid and would likely see any new NHL team also use green as a main or secondary color.

    • yyj72

      The uniforms for the Grinders could be a dark brown and tan with black and white trim combination similar to that used in desert camouflage for the military.

      Or what about the Seattle Eagles?

  • Brett

    …Seattle Spiders.

  • Joe

    Seattle Metropolitans, I think is most fitting. That Seattle Sasquatches uniform is an insult to the city.

    • Besides Thunderbirds, the Metropolitans and Sasquatch have the most votes. Ultimately if an NHL team does come to Seattle, I’d bet on Tbirds or Mets being chosen.

      • Steve Hall

        The 2 dumbest!!! what does metros have to do with the pacific northwest. I can see that for LA or Chicago.

  • Austin

    Seattle Sockeye. Not Sockeyes, sockeye.

  • thegreenman3113

    How about the following names: SEATTTLE: WHALERS(former NHL team), NATIVES OR SPIRIT (with native American logo respectable), MONSTERS (SASQUATCH LOGO), SOUND (owl perched on a hockey stick logo), CYCLONES, GRIZZLIES.

    • Some good suggestions

      • Steve Hall

        Nothing original about any of those names. Chinooks, sockeyes, or cascades. Nice big hooknose Chinook or sockeye would be an awesome logo!!!

  • Merry Blakely Graham

    I like the sounds of Grizzlies! or Sasquatch! I do agree with others that if we have a WHL team named Thunderbirds…Why another? Metropolitan – sounds boring if you ask me! 🙁 They may have been an awesome team in their day..but, Seattle is trying to start FRESH with a new NHL team..So lets go with a NEW name…Something that sounds worthy of REAL National ICE Hockey! We need a team mascot that says bring it on…We are READY for a fight! and the Stanley Cup to be in Washington! :0)
    I do like the idea of Seattle Eagles as well!

    • I wasn’t a fan of Metropolitans at first either but it’s grown on me.

      Plus I don’t think any mascots are really intimidating or say, “bring it on.”

  • Angry Sam

    “Of the four major sports leagues in America – MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA – the NHL is the only league to not have a team reside in the city of Seattle.”

    Let’s try to guess what’s wrong with this statement, shall we?

    • Metropolitans were Pacific Coast Hockey League. NHL has never been in Seattle.

      • Tavik


        Seattle does not have an NBA team.

  • Tobias Vallgren

    Metropolitans sounds best if you ask me. They would need a serious name or else they wouldn’t get any respect. Grizzlys isn’t a good name ’cause who want to be a grizzly? Seattle Sounders could work to. Most teams gets called by their nick name. Like Rangers, Islanders, Penguins, Blackhawks, Red Wings, Stars, Kings, Sharks, etc.. A name like Metropolitans is a name that could demand the same respect like those I mentioned above.

  • Cooper Ramrod

    I think the 1) Sockeyes and 2) Chinooks sound by far the best of the names listed simply because they flow nicely with ‘Seattle’ and actually have an underlining meaning behind them.

    • Steve Hall

      I like those as well.

  • T-sopt

    Needs to be the Totem’s

    • Steve Hall


  • :D

    Seattle Wonders!

    • Steve Hall


  • The concept looks really, really good. The “S” on the shoulder looks unnecessary though.

  • So we how long before they are called the Metro-sexuals? What is wrong with the Thunderbirds?

  • I have other names for a hockey team in Seattle besides the ones that are mentioned.

    Seattle Thunder

    Seattle Earthquakes

    Seattle Tsunamis

    Seattle Volcanoes

    Seattle Fire & Ice

    Seattle Thunderbirds

    Seattle Blue Angels

    Seattle Avengers

    Seattle Tornadoes

    Seattle Bombers

    Seattle Knockouts

    Seattle Eliminators

  • Bob Merchant

    C’mon people, the logical answer is to that name which your city was born, Chief Seattle.
    THE SEATTLE CHIEFS sounds way better than anything else I see above and it just sounds cool.

    • Mike

      Not that I’m oppose to Chiefs, but considering the PC movement of The Redskins and other Native team names, how long before people want to change “Chiefs?”

  • John Neuhardt

    What about the Seattle Crisp?

  • ken

    Seattle Black Bears

  • Brett F

    Here’s a few ideas:

    1) Seattle Lights (residents’ nickname – Seattleites)

    2) Seattle Quake (being on a fault-line)

    3) Seattle Rush (we’re always stuck in rush-hour traffic)

    • Brett F

      One more: Seattle Swordsmen (the logo would be a vertical/upright sword = the hilt would be a gold statue of the Space Needle -‘Seattle’ would be engraved in the guard-, the blade would be an emerald crystal)


      \ /
      | |
      / \
      / | \
      \ | /
      / | \
      \ | /
      / | \
      \ | /
      / | \
      \ | /
      / | \
      \ | /

      • Brett F

        that didn’t come out right 🙁

  • red wings fan

    I am a huge fan of teams whose names are unique or actually mean something to the area. The Chicago Blackhawks or New Jersey Devils for example. I am also a fan of cities having consistent color schemes. Pittsburgh is a great example. Growing up in Michigan nothing coordinates Tigers: orange and navy, Lions: silver and Honolulu blue, Red Wings: red and white, talk about a clash! Sasquatch is my favorite by far. It screams PNW and it is plural the way it’s written, just like Elk, Deer or Moose. So the 90’s team name haters can’t object.

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  • Steve Hall

    metros is stupid, what does that have to do with the pacific northwest? Emeralds isn’t bad, Rainiers or Cascades would be cool.