AL West

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 97-75
Texas Rangers 90-72
Seattle Mariners 85-77
Oakland Athletics 79-83
Houston Astros 60-102

AL Central

Detroit Tigers 95-77
Cleveland Indians 81-81
Kansas City Royals 78-84
Chicago White Sox 75-87
Minnesota Twins 67-95

AL East

Toronto Blue Jays 95-77
New York Yankees 91-71
Baltimore Orioles 85-77
Tampa Bay Rays 81-81
Boston Red Sox 75-87


NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers 95-67
San Francisco Giants 93-69
Arizona Diamondbacks 82-80
San Diego Padres 75-87
Colorado Rockies 67-95

NL Central

Cincinnati Reds 97-65
St. Louis Cardinals 90-72
Pittsburgh Pirates 84-78
Milwaukee Brewers 76-86
Chicago Cubs 65-97

NL East

Washington Nationals 100-62
Atlanta Braves 95-67
Philadelphia Phillies 87-75
New York Mets 75-87
Miami Marlins 60-102


AL Wild Card Playoff:

Yankees over Rangers

AL Divisional Round:

Blue Jays over Tigers

Angels over Yankees

AL Championship

Angels over Blue Jays

NL Wild Card Playoff:

Giants over Braves

NL Divisional Round:

Nationals over Giants

Dodgers over Reds

NL Championship

Dodgers over Nationals

World Series

Dodgers over Angels


I really like what the Mariners have done the last couple months and it would not surprise me to see them contend for one of the Wild Cards spots. There seems to be a different attitude in camp this season with the right veterans in place (no Ichiro and no Figgins). The addition of veteran Joe Saunders will help round out the rotation and Kelly Shoppach should help solidify the catcher position. I’m intrigued going into camp with what will happen in the outfield situation. Bay has been good so far as has Casper Wells. I have those two battling for one of the final roster spots and would be shocked if both made the 25 man roster.

As for around the league, I expect the Angels offense to produce at a high and the addition of Vargas will help round out their rotation. Texas will once again lose in the Wild Card playoff game and the Athletics will come back to earth and finish in front of Houston who I expect to have a rough go-around their first season in the American League. Tigers will cruise to the Central division crown without another real contender in the division. I really liked what the Blue Jays did this offseason and expect them to win the East with the Yankees finishing in second and beating the Rangers in the Wild Card game.

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The National League shouldn’t be much of a surprise. The Nationals will win the East with the Braves behind them clinching another appearance in the Wild Card game where they will lose to the playoff experienced Giants. I really liked the addition of Justin Upton, as well as Chris Johnson, for Atlanta, but they will miss Martin Prado. The Reds will take care of business in the Central with the Dodgers winning the West. I expect their in-season additions from 2012 to gel together and Matt Kemp will have an MVP season and Clayton Kershaw will win the CY Young leading the Dodgers to a World Series title over the other team in LA, the Angels.

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