All team rankings have now been released for the highly anticipated MLB The Show 13 for the Playstation 3. MLB The Show 13 will be in stores on March 5th.

MLB The Show 13 is the first time in the franchisee history that players will be rated on a numerical value  In the past, players had a colored bar next to their names. The more full the bar, the greater the players ability. This was really a confusing way to rate players in the game and it has been one of the more vocalized issues with the game. It’s nice to see SCEA, the developer of The Show series incorporating changes based on customer feedback.

Stay tuned to SSC as we’ll have all the latest leaked info on player and team ratings as the release date draws near.

Overall Team Ranking

1- Detroit Tigers
2- St. Louis Cardinals
3- Boston Red Sox
4- Los Angeles Angels
5- Toronto Blue Jays
6- Texas Rangers
7- Washington Nationals
8- Atlanta Braves
9- Cincinnati Reds
10- Philadelphia Phillies
11- New York Yankees
12- Los Angeles Dodgers
13- Colorado Rockies
14- Chicago White Sox
15- Arizona Diamondbacks
16- Tampa Bay Rays
17- San Francisco Giants
18- Oakland Athletics
19- Kansas City Royals
20- Milwaukee Brewers
21- Baltimore Orioles
22- Pittsburgh Pirates
23- Seattle Mariners
24- Cleveland Indians
25- San Diego Padres
26- Minnesota Twins
27- Chicago Cubs
28- New York Mets
29- Miami Marlins
30- Houston Astros


1- Detroit Tigers
2- Los Angeles Angels
3- Colorado Rockies
4- Boston Red Sox
5- Texas Rangers
6- Toronto Blue Jays
7- Cincinnati Reds
8- St. Louis Cardinals
9- Washington Nationals
10- Los Angeles Dodgers
11- New York Yankees
12- Atlanta Braves
13- Philadelphia Phillies
14- Milwaukee Brewers
15- Baltimore Orioles
16- Arizona Diamondbacks
17- Chicago White Sox
18- Kansas City Royals
19- Oakland Athletics
20- Pittsburgh Pirates
21- Cleveland Indians
22- San Francisco Giants
23- Seattle Mariners
24- Tampa Bay Rays
25- Miami Marlins
26- New York Mets
27- San Diego Padres
28- Minnesota Twins
29- Chicago Cubs
30- Houston Astros


1- Philadelphia Phillies
2- Washington Nationals
3- Atlanta Braves
4- St. Louis Cardinals
5- Tampa Bay Rays
6- New York Yankees
7- Toronto Blue Jays
8- Los Angeles Dodgers
9- San Francisco Giants
10- Boston Red Sox
11- Cincinnati Reds
12- Texas Rangers
13- Detroit Tigers
14- Los Angeles Angels
15- Arizona Diamondbacks
16- Oakland Athletics
17- Chicago White Sox
18- Kansas City Royals
19- San Diego Padres
20- Seattle Mariners
21- Cleveland Indians
22- Pittsburgh Pirates
23- Colorado Rockies
24- Milwaukee Brewers
25- Baltimore Orioles
26- Chicago Cubs
27- Minnesota Twins
28- New York Mets
29- Houston Astros
30- Miami Marlins


1- New York Yankees
2- Los Angeles Dodgers
3- Los Angeles Angels
4- Tampa Bay Rays
5- Cincinnati Reds
6- Philadelphia Phillies
7- Atlanta Braves
8- Chicago Cubs
9- Baltimore Orioles
10- San Francisco Giants
11- Texas Rangers
12- Washington Nationals
13- Colorado Rockies
14- St. Louis Cardinals
15- Boston Red Sox
16- Kansas City Royals
17- Arizona Diamondbacks
18- San Diego Padres
19- Detroit Tigers
20- Houston Astros
21- Pittsburgh Pirates
22- Cleveland Indians
23- Seattle Mariners
24- Oakland Athletics
25- Miami Marlins
26- Toronto Blue Jays
27- Minnesota Twins
28- Milwaukee Brewers
29- Chicago White Sox
30- New York Mets

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  • It’s hard for me to understand how the Boston Red Sox are rated as high as they are. 4th best team? Might not even be the 4th best team in their own division.