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For those of you that don’t spend countless hours on twitter like many of us bloggers do – you missed out on a great verbal battle between arguably the two best cornerbacks in the NFL.

I took the time to embed each of the tweets that I could find on each players twitter timeline and put them in order of how the conversation/argument played out.

It appears that Darrelle Revis took it upon himself to start bashing Richard Sherman. The tweet, or one of the tweets that set things off seemed to be this one:


When asked why Revis wasn’t in the discussion (tweet not available).

A fan asked why Revis wasn’t one of Sherman’s choices for the best CB in the league. Sherman then gave an honest answer, stating that you can’t be one of the best if you didn’t play. A very valid point. Sherman also added that when Revis came back, he likely would be in the mix as one of the top corners. Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis apparently didn’t take too kindly to that.





The whole thing lasted a couple hours and it was pretty entertaining to see two high-profile guys going at it. It’s not something us fans get to witness too often. Even a couple of ESPN personalities got to fueling the fire.

All-in-all Darrelle Revis is one of the best cover corners in the NFL, but Sherman was correct in stating that he sat out the 2012 season with an injury and shouldn’t be included in the debate over the current best CB.

Revis appears to be very possessive of his self-appointed title of best NFL CB and isn’t too keen with Sherman being a very worthy contender to dethrone the New York Jet.

All I have to add to the debate – who is currently the First Team All-Pro CB in the National Football League?

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  • Paul Novak

    Remember when Asomugha was the top CB in the NFL just three years ago? Anyone else think that might be Revis following his injury?