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I was working on a second half NBA preview thinking I would post it today or yesterday, when I hear that an all-out Twitter battle had broken out between Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman. Well, you don’t just write for a local sports blog and not give a comprehensive breakdown of every tweet in a Twitter battle a local athlete is in. Needless to say, I dropped everything.

Before we get started, if you haven’t seen this rumbling for a while, check out this video and this tweet. Also, earlier in the day Sherman said Revis wasn’t a top corner in the league because he didn’t play last year. Another note, both these players have deleted some of the tweets since this occurred so everyone seems to have different accounts of exactly what was tweeted and when. I looked at a lot of sources and the times and this is what I came up with. Here we go:

REVIS: I never seen a man before run his mouth so much like girl. This dude just steady putting my name in his mouth to get notoriety @rsherman_25 -1:38 PM

Random sexism aside, Revis takes a shot at Sherman’s weakness here. We as Hawks’ fans love it, but even we have to admit that Sherman talks a lot. There is also no denying that Revis is a more famous name at this point.

On a side note, Revis uses the English language here in a way I have never heard before and have fallen in love with. He says, “This dude just steady…” All my life I have said things like, “He is always posting annoying things on Facebook” or “He is always at work”. No more! Next time we are waiting for one of my notoriously tardy friends at a happy hour you can bet I will throw out the statement “This dude just steady late to everything we plan!”

SHERMAN: @Revis24 don’t need ya name… Ur name will be irrelevant once u step back on the field bruh. Get ya picks up! -2:06 PM

WOOO! We waited 28 minutes (not that I was counting) from Revis’ initial jab to see if it was just going to be a Twitter insult or if Sherman was going to respond and make this a Twitter WAR! Two things of note here: 1) I love the way Sherman tweets. “Bruh” is so much cooler than “bro”. 2) Sherman subtly lays out his game plan here: Stick with stats.

REVIS: @rsherman_25 I ain’t your competition bro, @roddywhiteTV is!!! -1:42 PM

Revis immediately hits where it hurts: the last playoff game. For those of you who don’t remember the very costly play Revis is referring to, here’s a link to ruin your day. This had to sting for Sherman and it stung for all Hawks’ fans. The thing is, Sherman actually played a pretty good game and, although he did give up the big play to Roddy White, he also had one of the greatest plays I have ever seen a corner make. It was a decent jab by Revis, but definitely not a haymaker.

REVIS: My boy @JohnGeiger_ got more followers then @rsherman_25. Sit down young pup & wait your turn. –1:48 PM

Revis loses steam a bit here. He tries a combo, throwing back to back tweets without Sherman responding in between. It was actually 3 back to back to back but I put Sherman’s response after the first one to make it easier to follow. Unfortunately for Revis, he misses on this one. See, we were all assuming the argument is about who is the better corner, but Revis seems to think that the amount of Twitter followers is evidence for something. I don’t know how the amount of Twitter followers makes a difference, and frankly I don’t think most people care. Ashton Kutcher has more followers than Revis, I don’t know what that proves. Revis ends by calling Sherman young, which isn’t all that insulting but let’s see how Sherman responds.

SHERMAN: @Revis24 one season u will get 8 picks…. But it won’t happen anytime soon… I did it in my 2nd season… So u have something to chase –2:07 PM

BOOM! When you miss with a combo, you leave yourself open to the counter! Sherman sticks with the theme he alluded to earlier and throws out some stats, but he does it while responding to Revis’ previous tweet. Revis calls him a “young pup” and Sherman turns that on its head, pointing to the fact that he did something in year two that Revis has never done. Revis is against the ropes. Now a combo from the Sherminator.

SHERMAN: Got off my flight to this hilarious convo. So I have 8 picks 3 ff and a sack. My season stats looking like Revis career stats -2:10 PM

Sherman sticks to his strategy and comes in with his strongest punch yet. But in the age of internet, everyone is going to check on his numbers. So how accurate is it? Honestly, not too far off. The picks are obviously the exception. Revis has 19 interceptions in his career while Sherman had 8 last year. The other two stats though? Sherms right. In his career, Revis has 1 sack and 3 forced fumbles, the same numbers Sherman put up last season alone. This was an uppercut that at least knocked Revis down.

SHERMAN: For the QB not throwing his way argument. In his 2nd year they were throwing his way. I still doubled his picks -2:16 PM

I’m not a huge fan of this tweet but it doesn’t hurt him. It’s a good point but I think it’s a bit too detailed for a Twitter battle. If he is going to get into details like this, he should just go on a local sports site and write a brief article on why he is a better cornerback than Revis. I am sure would be happy to provide him with an outlet if he is looking for one.

REVIS: That’s like you saying your better then Deion Sanders & since he’s not playing no more he’s irrelevant for what he’s done. @rsherman_252:29 PM

This is a late response to the earlier tweet by Sherman, not the last one. Not only is it late, but he mis-read Sherman’s tweet to say he is irrelevant because he’s off the field. Sherman said he would be irrelevant once he’s back on the field because, I assume Sherman is thinking, he is so bad he will ruin his own legacy. I’m just ignoring this tweet.

REVIS: @rsherman_25 child please, lol!!! Your still taking baby steps son. Don’t get to a head of yourself. -2:31 PM

REVIS: Hey everyone @rsherman_25 wants to be a lockdown corner. He wants to be in the talks of a lockdown corner. So follow him so he can become 1! –2:32 PM

REVIS: This dude just interrupted my NBA 2k game cause he has draSms to be a lockdown corner!!! HAHA #keepdreaming -2:35 PM

After the miss, Revis catches up. He can tell he’s losing and comes with a 1-2-3 combo all within 4 minutes of each other. Credit where credit is due, I love the “child please” to start things off. In the middle of a trash talking battle, it’s a great reference to one of the best NFL trash talkers ever, Ocho Cinco.

After that though, Revis falls off quickly. The “young” insult has already failed and been rebuffed. Then with the second jab in the combo, Revis tries to include the audience. I normally LOVE this move. The problem this time is his premise is still completely off. “Follow him so he can become one”? Revis seems to define being a lockdown corner as having twitter followers, which is just confusing. Again, Ashton Kutcher.

With the final blow of the combo, Revis fails to save it. Revis oddly accuses Sherman of interrupting him when Revis himself started the battle. Sherman hasn’t even tweeted in a half an hour. On the plus side for Revis, he mentions he is playing NBA 2K (which is awesome) and he uses the first hash tag of the twitter battle, #bonuspoints.

Before going to the next Revis tweet, Sherman missed an opportunity here for the greatest moment in Twitter battle history. I don’t know the logistics of it (where Sherman is, or if he even plays video game) but history would have been made if Sherman had challenged Revis to a game of NBA 2K. Can you imagine? Revis as a classic Knicks or Nets team, Sherman as a “classic” Sonics team. We get a film crew there and film it like that show on ESPN where Madden nerds battle. It really has nothing to do with anything, but in the end does any of this?

REVIS: Look I just helped you get 6,000 followers homie!!! @rsherman_252:50 PM

This is Revis’ grand finale, and it’s not bad. I’ve gone over why I hate the twitter follower argument, but if you’re going with it then this is a nice capper. Just arguing with him makes you more popular on Twitter. I don’t know how to check the accuracy on this because I don’t know how to see how many followers Sherman had before, not to mention how many followers Revis himself gained from this battle, but assuming it’s accurate it’s probably Revis’ strongest moment of the debate.

Sherman now decides it’s time to end this. He throws a 1-2-3-4 combo for the knockout.

SHERMAN: Remember that time the number of twitter followers mattered more than the production on the field? Me either @Revis24 -3:38 PM

Well, there goes Revis’ entire argument. This one is over. It’s been fun though.

SHERMAN: “He gonna get this work” -4:16 PM

I honestly have no idea what this means, but I googled it and it is the catchphrase of the best battle rapper there is. Translation in this instance: Sit down. I’m winning and I’m about to end it. Translation in general: I wish I knew. I still have no idea what this means.

SHERMAN: Here’s what you should do to end the argument! Compare my 1st 2year only 26 starts…. With any 2 16 start seasons by Revis. Then come back with your excuses for why mines are better -4:25 PM

Boom! To the jaw. Wraps up the argument he’s been making the whole time. Revis is unconscious before he hits the matt.

SHERMAN: Thank you twitter and all the fans for both sides. Always fun chatting. Will be back soon -4:39 PM

Drops mic. Walks out.

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    Revis is a great CB. But so was Asomugha just a few seasons ago. Not out of the question that Revis goes down that path, especially after his injury.

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