Latest on the Kings / Sonics Situation

All-Star Game weekend is heating up in Houston and David Stern has made some headlines today that pertain to the Seattle Sonics situation.

Earlier this morning Stern was asked in an interview about the Sacramento Kings situation. His response was very  generic and really gave no clues as the how the NBA is leaning with the situation.

“The idea of leaving Sacramento is not a good one. The idea of going back to Seattle is a good idea.”

If anything, it could be taken as slightly to Seattle’s advantage that a team coming to Seattle is a good idea. Because the only team that would go to Seattle is currently the Kings.

Currently the NBA owners have not discussed expansion  Stern mentioned that the city of Seattle would not be a candidate for an expansion team any time soon, but neither would any other cities looking for an NBA team. In fact, contraction has been an option on the table in ownership meetings.

Stern later commented that he has no plans to speak with Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson this weekend. This is somewhat surprising as Johnson made it a point to fly out to Houston to raise awareness for his cause to keep the Kings in Sac-Town. You would think Stern would be one of the key people Johnson wanted to have words with.