sonics logoAs the owner/editor of this site I like to check the statistics of visitors, pageviews and and which posts people view/enjoy the most. The tools that come with owning a site also allow me to see how people find us. Which search terms they use what other sites link to seattlesportscentral.

We’ve had some popular posts regarding team names for a future NHL team so many people find us by searching something like “Seattle NHL team names.”

What has surprised me is that more and more people are using search terms such as “good NBA Seattle team names” or “what should a Seattle NBA team be named?”

My initial reaction was, “what the ****!” There are only two names that should ever be used for an NBA franchise in the city of Seattle. The Sonics and the SuperSonics. Period!

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I’d like to imagine that a nine-year-old is using google to try and learn more about the Kings coming to Seattle and what they will be called. That would make sense since they were just a little too young to remember the Sonics being torn away from this city like our favorite teddy or blankie when we were young.

But if we’re talking about your average Seattle teenager or someone even older seriously looking into other names to replace our beloved Sonics nickname, I have just two words for you. Get out!

How can you even imagine a basketball team playing in Seattle without the green and gold? Kevin Calabro yelling Suuuuupppppeerrr Sooooonniiccsss!?

Being curious about a possible new NHL teams name is expected. None of us are old enough to remember when the Seattle Metropolitans won the first Stanley Cup in American history. If a team were to move here it wouldn’t be a lock to be renamed the Mets as it was 80 years ago.

When or if the Kings do relocate to Seattle, which we should get a much more clear decision tomorrow with the NBA ruling on the sale and relocation of the Kings, you can be sure that the Sonics name will be waiting for them. That’s the one thing you should never have to search for on google.

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