Sonics final game in Key Arena.

So I’m sitting here on Twitter tonight and I decide to look and see how this #HereWeBuy night went down in Sacramento. If you haven’t heard let me catch you up. The city of Sacramento, in the middle of their fight to keep the Kings from moving here, had a sellout at Sleep Train Arena. Over 16,000 packed the arena to celebrate the Kings and show the NBA that they support their team. I love the energy. I love the passion to keep their team. But it’s eerily similar. Similar to what happened in Key Arena on a night in April of 2008. Fans packed and sold out the arena to show the NBA, once more, their team belonged in Seattle.

We all were prepared for the worst, but were hoping that the NBA would understand. That they would give us a chance to keep our beloved Sonics. But a few short months later the NBA ripped them from our hearts. From our city. And a moving truck was on its way to Oklahoma. Now we sit and watch as we have an empty arena and OUR team is a prime championship contender as we sit and hope the NBA will approve the sale of the Kings and relocation to Seattle.

Believe me; I don’t want to take another city’s team. I admire the effort that Kevin Johnson is putting into keeping the Kings. And I have no doubt that if Seattle put half of the effort that KJ is putting into keeping the Kings, we would be watching Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook on a nightly basis. But we’ve seen the script that the fans of Sacramento are writing. We know where it ends. You pour in a painful amount of effort and emotions. For what? Do you, Sacramento, think that the NBA will do what you think is the “right” thing, and keep the Kings home? We thought we had a chance. We thought we had at least another year to continue our efforts to keep our team. But we didn’t. History shows that the owners will do what they want, no matter how bad it will hurt one fan base.

The fight isn’t over; there is still a long way to go in this battle. But to think that selling out the arena and having players show praise and thanks in response to the crowd, will have any effect in the decision that the Board of Governors will have on April 19th, you are wrong. Look at what history has shown. We’ve seen the way the script has played out before.  I applaud the fight and the effort, but this looks like it will be another case of “too little, too late.”

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