As much as I’d like to take Vegas up on their 75-1 odds for the M’s to win the Series, I regret to inform you all that it will have to wait another year.  Or 10.  However long it takes before our ownership removes their head from their behinds (future article coming soon regarding my thoughts on our front office). The good news for Mariners fans is that at least with Houston now joining the AL West, we won’t have to worry about finishing last in our division for a while.

But here’s something you can take it to the bank; the Washington Nationals are going to win the World Series in 2013.  They proved to be a dominant team all throughout the regular season last year and made a decent postseason run even after capping off Stephen Strasburg and with him having no restrictions this year, the Nationals will be dangerous.  I see them taking on the Los Angeles Angels who went ahead and (once again) made the biggest move of the offseason by adding the best bat that was available in Josh Hamilton.  If this scenario plays out, I can’t think of anything more exciting than seeing the games two brightest and youngest stars in Bryce Harper and Mike Trout duke it out for the title.

AL West

Angels: 103-59
Rangers: 100-62
Athletics: 95-67
Mariners: 82-80
Astros: 72-90

AL Central:
Tigers: 91-71
Royals: 84-78
Indians: 80-82
White Sox: 78-84
Twins: 71-91

AL East:
Blue Jays:94-68
Yankees: 91-71
Red Sox: 74-88

NL West:
Giants: 98-64
Dodgers: 92-72
Diamondbacks: 84-78
Rockies: 79-83
Padres: 74-88

NL Central:
Reds: 89-73
Cardinals: 86-76
Pirates: 78-84
Cubs: 71-91

NL East:
Nationals: 100-62
Braves: 95-67
Phillies: 87-75
Mets: 79-83
Marlins: 70-92

AL Wild Card:

Rangers over Yankees

AL Divisional Round:

Angels over Rangers
Blue Jays over Tigers

AL Championship:

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Angels over Blue Jays

NL Wild Card:

Dodgers over Braves

NL Divisional Round:

Nationals over Reds
Giants over Dodgers

NL Championship:

Nationals over Giants

World Series:

Nationals over Angels

Matthew Gray also gave us his predictions on the 2013 MLB season and was quite bold with some of his picks.