Leroy Hill against the Cardinals

If you don’t know already, Leroy Hill was arrested once again, this time for assaulting his girlfriend and unlawful imprisonment. Now, his isn’t the first time Hill has been arrested and based on his track record it won’t be his last. He’s been arrested twice for marijuana possession and this latest incident is the second time he has been arrested for domestic violence related issues. With his history, it would be wise for the Seahawks to allow Hill to explore his options as a free agent and not offer him another contract when his expires in March. I was skeptical of resigning him last off-season due to his off-field issues and this last arrest should be the final straw for the Seahawks.

Hill doesn’t seem to fit the mold for what Pete Carroll and John Schneider are building here in Seattle. He’s an aging player that holds a strong veteran presence on the field, however has declining numbers. This last season he appeared in 14 games and recorded only 31 tackles and 1.5 sacks. Malcolm Smith saw some extra playing time towards the end of the season when Hill missed time due to injury and would be a quality replacement at Outside Linebacker. The Seahawks could also use one of their 12 draft picks to provide some depth at the position. I do expect John Schneider to move some picks as the team only has a few free agents and already has quality depth. It will be difficult for many rookies to make the team coming out of camp.

It looks as if the writing is on the wall for Leroy’s departure. Injury, declining performance and a number of off-field problems will help make the decision to not re-sign Leroy a bit easier for Schneider. I’m sure Leroy will get another opportunity to get quality playing time next season, maybe for old defensive coordinator Gus Bradley in Jacksonville. However, his last game for the Seahawks came a few weeks ago in Atlanta.