It’s time to start looking at some possible 2013 draft picks for the Seattle Seahawks in April. The Seahawks currently have two major needs. The first is improving the pass rush. Chris Clemons and Bruce Irvin are barely enough when healthy. The problem is that Clemons isn’t healthy right now and Irvin can’t do it alone. The second are of need is depth. Defensive line, linebacker, cornerback, tight end and wide receiver are all positions that could use an extra talented player.

This time we’ll focus on the offense and the wide receiver position. That brings us to look at DeAndre Hopkins, a Junior wide receiver from Clemson as a possible draft pick for the Seahawks in 2013.

Name: DeAndre Hopkins, Junior, WR, Clemson

Ht/Wt: 6′ 1” 200 pounds

deandre hopkins seahawks draftDeAndre Hopkins has had three productive seasons in the ACC with Clemson. The first two were solid years, especially for freshman and sophomore years. What really made people pay attention to Hopkins was his junior year. 18 TD’s, an ACC record will do that.


The first thing that you see when you watch Hopkins play is his athleticism. Add to that his quick footwork and above average WR speed and you have a player that can be a deep threat, especially in college. Hopkins’ hands are good and he attacks the ball, rather than wait for it to come to him.

Along with his catching ability, Hopkins knows how to catch any pass thrown his way. He can track and catch balls thrown over either shoulder or he can win a jump-ball with opposing CB’s. Hopkins’ speed and quickness also allows him to make some nice open field moves that spring him for extra yardage. Think of Golden Tate and some of the fantastic plays he made to gain critical yards in 2012 for the Seahawks.


Coverage recognition and with playing a more physical game will be two things Hopkins will need to focus on at the next level. CB’s that have success jamming him at the LOS can negate his speed and quickness. Hopkins does find ways to get open, even when it’s not 20+ yards downfield. That would be a huge advantage with Russell Wilson and his ability to make GAP (game altering plays) when a play appears to be breaking down.

DeAndre Hopkins projects as a late first round to early second round selection in the 2013 NFL Draft. Other teams that could be candidates to select Hopkins before the Seahawks selection at 25 are the Rams (22), Vikings (23) and Colts (24) who hold the three selections prior to the Seahawks first round pick.