Ken Griffey Jr the slide

Amid the recent explosion of sports stories revolving around Seattle, the Seahawks, the SuperSonics potentially coming back, the start of the Mariners season just around the corner, we have another topic to discuss.

Ken Griffey Jr., the greatest Mariner of all-time and possibly one of the greatest MLB players in the history of the sport, will be inducted into the Mariners Hall of Fame. The list already includes Griffey’s former teammates, Jay Buhner, Edgar Martinez, Randy Johnson, Dan Wilson, Alvin Davis. We can’t forget Dave Niehaus, who was recently inducted after his passing. The ceremony will be held on August 10th, in a pregame event before the Mariners take on the Brewers.

Although Griffey getting the call may not be as big of a story as the SuperSonics coming home to play in KeyArena for the 2013/2014 season, it is one that will beĀ rememberedĀ for a very long time. Griffey is the original Seattle sports icon. Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, Steve Largent, and even Felix Hernandez, currently can’t compare to Griffey’s Godlike status in Seattle. Safeco Field would not have been constructed had it not been for “The Kid.” Seattle may not even have the Mariners had it not been for the miracle 1995 season that Griffey helped bring to reality.

Can you imagine if the Mariners left in the 90’s, and the Sonics followed just a decade later?

Griffey was the Mariners #1 overall draft pick in 1987, and he’ll be the #1 sports figure in Seattle for long after that.