Josh Hamilton, Zack Greinke, Nick Swisher, Justin Upton

The Mariners would like to add Josh Hamilton. The majority of Mariners fans would love for the team to add Josh Hamilton. The pending deal between Zack Grienke and the Los Angeles Dodgers could potentially put that into the “unlikely to happen category.” With Greinke not going to the Mariners’ divisional rival, Texas, the Rangers could use the money they planned on improvng their rotation on bringing back their most productive hitter from 2012.

Various sites have reported that Justin Upton is still more of a target for the Rangers in a possible trade involving a few possible teams. The Mariners also being one team mentioned to try to make that a reality. If the Rangers do or don’t seriously intend on bringing back Hamilton is not known. What is known is that with Greinke heading to the other Los Angeles team, a window has opened and it’s now the Rangers move to make.

If Nolan Ryan and the Texas front office don’t show Josh Hamilton they are serious then it’s likely that the former MVP will be wearing another uniform as early as this week. I’d put my money on this getting done sooner, rather than later. If it’s a Mariners jersey isn’t a sure thing, but a strong thing, that could happen, maybe. Pretty much if you’re a Mariner fans that wants the team to add the best free agent bat available, you’re rooting for the Rangers to add an outfielder via trade.

Now, if Hamilton signs with any team not located in Seattle, that leaves Nick Swisher as the most likely candidate to replace him as the team’s top priority. Unless a trade is something that Jack Zduriencik is focusing on more. I would love to be a fly on that mans wall. Not his bedroom or bathroom walls, just his office wall. The beauty of Swisher is that he would be a cheaper option for the Mariners, yet provide almost as much individual statistical impact as Hamilton. The Mariner were reported to be offering Hamilton between $20-25 million per season. Swisher would come at a more modest $15 million, leaving more money for an extra move. Or not, if the team doesn’t want to go all-out with this seasons payroll.

Zack Greinke signing with the Dodgers may actually be the best case scenario. He leaves the Angels, avoids another team in the Mariners’ division, Texas, and if Josh Hamilton isnt wanted by the Rangers, regardless of if he comes to Seattle or not, it will be a little easier to win ballgames in the ALWest.

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  1. Cam says:

    We are wasting time……forget about Hamilton and his baggage and sign Swisher, Bourn combo, make a trade for their choice of SP with Guiti and prospects and lets get the show on the road.

    • Paul Novak says:

      I’m all for bringing in multiple hitters. Swisher would fit in beautifully, being able to play primarily RF and fill in at 1B if Smoak dissapoints again.

  2. Cam says:

    Paul, I agree with you. Swisher has always made so much more sense to me. One “superstar?” does not make a team and with the Mariners current budget in todays world it makes so much more sense to allocate their investments between a few more affordable signings and cover more bases.

  3. Lance says:

    Sign Swisher or Ross, Bourn, and E. Jackson for the rotation. Trade a young SP and/or other prospects for another legit MLB bat and we quickly become a legit team. Maybe not a contender, but a legit team.

    • Paul Novak says:

      That’s a little too optimistic IMO. Swisher and Jackson alone would be about $30M per.

      If the Mariners can manage to get a solid MLB bat for two prospects, such as Hutzen and Franklin, they should pull the trigger.

  4. Lance says:

    Just a follow up, if we could sign a Swisher/Ross, Bourn, and E. Jackson, a few options I would love to go after in this order would be:

    1- Allen Craig (doubtful at best)
    2- Brett Lawrie (doubtful again)
    3- Josh Willingham (available)
    4- Joe Mauer (shocker!)
    5- Billy Butler (more likely)
    5B- Alex Gordon (see above)
    6- Ian Desmond (who I mentioned last offseason)

  5. Lance says:

    An odd FYI: Ichiro had a higher BA and more hits than Bourn. Who knew? :)

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