Matt Flynn and the majority of Seahawks fans have to be a bit surprised by the news that a rookie QB, and third-round draft pick, Russell Wilson, will be the starter in the 2013 season opener for the Seahawks.

Don’t get me wrong. Wilson has played some very efficient and entertaining football the past three weeks. The first two preseason games came in the backup role, which allowed for the comments regarding the fact that his play was against many guys not likely to make an NFL roster.

Pete Carroll knew this as well and chose to start Wilson against the Chiefs in the third preseason game, at Arrowhead. After the game many of us felt that Wilson was the front-runner to be named the starting QB, but at the same time I felt as thought Flynn would get the call because of his hype and contract.

Well it’s not the case and Carroll is going against the idea of always being able to go from the “Vet”, in this case Flynn, to the rookie, without much negative publicity and scrutiny. Instead, Carroll will find himself having to go to Flynn and trying to make-up if Wilson doesn’t play well enough to retain the job.

It’s very risky, what Pete is doing. Everyone would have understood why the team chose to go with Matt Flynn for the first few weeks, including Russell Wilson.

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