It appears that we may have our first look at the Seattle Seahawks new logo for the 2012 season.

The image is a screenshot from a video that was published on the Seahawks official website. This authenticates that it is being used in an official capacity by the Seahawks and possibly NLF Network.

New Era has also published all of their 2012 NFL Draft hats, minus one. Can you guess which team is having their apparel withheld from public view? The Seahawks are the only team that has not had their draft day hats revealed.

Thanks to an image that was spread around on twitter, we now have something to talk about for the next week until Nike reveals the uniforms for each team in New York City. The Seahawks are expected to be the only team that have a new look in terms of color scheme and design. Below you can see the new logo, which is only altered with the grey being added and blue being a different shade.

Based on the fan reactions that I am seeing on our Facebook and Twitter pages, along with other forums, people generally have two common reactions. The first is joy that the Seahawks and Nike are going back to the grey/silver color scheme used in the 80’s and 90’s. The second is the fans displeasure with the change, but optimism that the full uniform reveal will make sense of the switch, barring the Seahawks don’t imitate the Lions or Cowboys, who also use a silver and blue theme.