What should the new Seattle NHL team be named?

The Seattle Thunderbirds! The Seattle Totems! The Seattle Metropolitans! The Seattle Mighty Mouse! I don’t know if I’m alone in my way of thinking but every proposed new team name (not just in Seattle) sounds like it belongs more to a cartoon character rather than a professional sports team. In some cases, like the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, I’m actually right.

Team names like the Minnesota Wild, Vancouver Canucks, Tampa Bay Lightning, New York Islanders and others just seem unimaginative. A good team name should be “cool,” maybe even bring out some jealousy from opposing fans that their opponent has such a cool name and they’re stuck cheering for the Maple Leafs.

Thus far, the most commonly suggested names for a potential hockey team in Seattle are; Thunderbirds, Totems and Metropolitans, for the history that each name has locally. Personally I think Totems would automatically be the worst name in the league, but that’s just me.

Give us your opinion in the poll and feel free to leave comments on what you think would be a “cool” name for a NHL franchise in Seattle.

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  1. nik says:

    Personally, I think the Seattle Freeze would be a great name.

  2. David C Kimball says:

    The Seattle Sockeyes!! Totally appropriate hockey name. Totally appropriate regional name with the salmon, pike place market fish tossers. I envision salmon being tossed onto the ice.

    Totems sounds too close to scrotums.

  3. Roger Doger says:

    The Seattle Rain

  4. scott says:

    Seattle Sasquatches
    Seattle Cascades
    Seattle Emeralds (after emerald city)
    Seattle Chinooks
    Seattle Shadow

    • JAKE says:


  5. Sea-Beast says:

    Seattle Sleet, Seattle Slough, Seattle Slappers, Seattle slickers, Seattle Joes.

  6. Kenji N says:

    I thought a cool name in somewhat of a funny way is the
    Seattle Lions because we would be the Sea Lions LOL

  7. Trevor says:

    Sockeyes would be pretty sweet, especially if fans started throwing fish onto the ice. Plus it goes with the ‘Seattle S…’ theme that all but the Mariners have adhered-to. But it just doesn’t have that… ‘quan’… that makes it seem like the only logical name. Plus the Ultimate team would probably get pissed and sue. Maybe the Pilots?

  8. Kenji N says:

    Seattle Orca’s
    Seattle Killer Whales

    That would create a pretty awesome logo I think

  9. Red Wings Fan says:

    Breakers, Chinook, Bombers,

  10. David C Kimball says:

    Vancouver has an orca whale as their primary logo. I don’t think they’d like that.

  11. David C Kimball says:

    I’d like to see the old Seattle Metropolitans S logo on the shoulder with a treble hook in front of it.

  12. Jeremy Davis says:

    The Seattle Flight!

  13. Brian Pace says:

    Why the hell does women’s basketball have the Storm! That wouldn’t be a bad one

  14. Jordan G says:

    Seattle Stealheads

  15. Logan says:

    Seattle Pacifics
    Seattle Emeralds
    Seattle Pioneers
    Seattle Merchants

  16. Ethan Anderson says:

    Emerald City Metropolitans (Mets)
    Seattle RainStorm
    Seattle JetLiners
    Seattle Pike
    Seattle Olympic(s)

    • Brian Pace says:

      JetLiners I think would be too close to Winnipeg. But I wouldn’t be opposed to something that follows Emerald City instead of Seattle, but that wouldn’t happen.

  17. del aqui says:

    Seatte Pikes
    Seattle Salmons
    Seattle Sting (Ray)
    Seattle Gophers
    Seattle Ice Dogs

  18. brian stevens says:

    seattle sasquatch

  19. chris says:

    seattle Reign or Rain.

  20. Matt H says:

    The Breakers, a bit of heritage, appropriate for hockey and the city.

  21. AWSmith says:

    Seattle Red Hooks
    Seattle Grays (Could relate to wolves or the sky)
    Seattle Argonauts

  22. ID29 says:

    Seattle Tigers, Lions, or Bears. Oh my!

  23. nancy says:

    Seattle Seamonkeys

  24. I Ree says:

    Seattle Simians

  25. mdothall says:

    The Seattle Kraken! Tell me it wouldn’t be awesome to have a video of Liam Neeson saying, “Release the Kracken!” before the puck drops. And we have the largest species of octopus right here in the Puget Sound. Perfect fit!

  26. Jack_O_Lantern says:

    @ Kenji: Can’t name them the Orcas, that what Canucks translates to. The Seattle Rain sounds wimpy. For a hockey you want a smi-fierce name. However, I am fond of the Seattle Shadow idea.

    I like:
    Seattle Phantoms
    Seattle Ice Breakers (old school name for the thunderbirds and the high incluence of the Coast Guard Ice Breakers home ported by the arena)
    Seattle Gray Wolves
    Seattle Vipers (in reference to the western rattlesnake)
    Seattle Underground (makes them sound like underground brawlers)
    Seattle Cougars (I know, we have a college team named that, but that’s ok)
    Seattle Sturgeon
    Seattle Cutlass (in refereance to the fish and the sword)
    Seattle Sockeyes
    Seattle Threshers (in reference to the shark)

    Team Colors: Black, Silver, and Green

  27. Jack_O_Lantern says:

    @mdothall: I support The Seattle Kraken! Alothough it’s spelled Kraken, no C. But fantastic idea.

    The symbol could be a mean looking squid! When they play vancouver, out fans would throw dead squid on the ice for the first power play The Kraken get in the third period! Badass name.

    Still down for the team Colors being black silver and green. Mainly forrest green with black highlights and silver piping. or mainly black with Forrest green Highlights (so they don’t get confused with the wild) and silver piping. I could also see a bronze colored piping vice silver.

  28. Kevin says:

    Seattle Samurai.
    Imagine it.
    A warrior. Battle tested.
    Imagine it.
    A logo: Power forward-stick up ready to slice the puck in half.
    Imagine it.
    A logo: Goalie in his “battle rattle” reminiscent of the uniform of the Samurai-POISED TO DEFEND HIS CREASE.
    Imagine it!!!
    18,000 Seattle fans chanting, “Let’s Go SAM-U-RAI!!!”
    Imagine it!!!
    Two Closest Rivalries:
    Vancouver: Orca Sushi.
    San Jose: Shark Sashimi.
    IMAGINE IT!!!!!

  29. Sandon Searich says:

    I say Seattle Pilots. It’s short, simple, and can refer to planes and boats. It’s also a part of our sporting history.

    I also like:

    Seattle Thunderbirds
    Seattle Grays
    Seattle Steelheads
    Seattle Coyotes (just change the colors – maybe Sonics yellow and green?)

    Seattle Sockeyes sounds a little too much like a sex act.

    I liked Totems until DCK said it was too much like scrotums. Yeah, it is.

  30. greg says:

    The Seattle Hipsters

  31. R says:

    Seatle’s Best. A play on Seatles Best coffee.

  32. Marcus Meyer says:

    Seattle Tritons (after the mythical half fish sea god)
    Seattle Tridents
    Seattle Pioneers
    Seattle Blades
    Seattle Sockeyes
    Seattle Seals
    Seattle Sea Lions
    Seattle Bulls (moose logo)
    Seattle Krakens
    Seattle Megladons
    Seattle Drakes (duck)
    Seattle Bears
    Seattle Trackers
    Seattle Tremors

  33. Frank says:

    The Seattle Pilots! Might be a bad memory for some, but remember in Denver, the Colorado Rockies was the name of their first NHL team, now the NJ Devils. The Colorado Rockies are the current MLB team in Denver. The name hasn’t hurt them at all.

    Seattle Pilots just sounds better than Totems. The names Pilots and SuperSonics seem to compliment each other quite well.

    Don’t worry, these aren’t the 1969 Pilots!

  34. Eric says:

    I honestly think the Everett team should be absorbed, and made into the Seattle Silvertips

  35. Richard Michael says:

    I agree with Frank that Seattle Pilots sound the best. I would also like Seattle Mets’ as well..just so they could begin playing with a Stanley Cup banner…right?

  36. Brendan Kenny says:

    Seattle Tomahawks.

  37. Willis says:

    Seattle Greenwaves
    Seattle Cascades
    Seattle Emerald Tide
    Seattle Maelstrom
    Seattle Green and Gold
    Seattle Aces
    Seattle Kelpies (part hot, hot woman-part kelp plant)

  38. Reid hansen says:


  39. Andy Nels says:

    Seattle Admirals-Along with the nautical theme of the Mariners.

    Seattle Lumberjacks-Timber industry in the PNW.

    Seattle Rain Raiders-Interesting and unique.

  40. Sean says:

    Introducing your Seatlle….

    Stealth Bombers
    * = My 1st choice

  41. Sean says:

    The Seattle Tridents ????

  42. chris says:


    Are the best on this list so far.

  43. Collin says:

    The Seattle Grunge.

  44. Ian says:

    Seattle Tide
    Seattle Boomers
    Seattle Pilots
    Seattle Blades

  45. ashley brown says:

    i like those suggestions but i think the emerald city guardians should be considered

  46. Joshua says:


  47. Joel says:

    Oh God please not the Metropolitans! They’ll be calling us metros in apposing stadiums, just you watch. And no fish either with the exception of the Sockeyes, thats actually pretty cool. Before I saw this list I liked the Bombers and the Tomahawks. I’m glad other people liked these names. The pilots would be a good choice too though not my favorite. I would like to add the Death Cards to the list… ace of spades logo with a skull in the middle wearing a helmet missing a tooth. We could play Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” song as the team skates on the ice. “For Whom the Bell Tolls” would work well too. Team colors should be Black, White and Blood Red. I’ve played hockey all my life and I am pretty sure this would be a top selling jersey.

  48. Nick says:


    Samurai?! WTF?! No offense, but Japanese culture and hockey have NOTHING in common. I just really hope that they would not have some corny, generic video game looking logo. Gotta be something simple and classic in my opinion….

  49. Johnny Canuck says:

    How in the hell can you call Canucks, Islanders and Wild unimaginative franchise names, and then suggest a batshit crazy name like “The Seattle Metropolitans” ?

  50. canuck fan here says:

    I personally would love a team in seattle, there would be a great rival betwen the canucks and seattle. Honestly, it cant have a fish as a logo and fans throwing salmon on the ice because that tradition is already taken by the canucks. I say the name has to be the T birds, its original, its cool and it fits the city great!

    • Paul Novak says:

      Hopefully that is a rivalry we see in the next few years. I also think fans would be happy with T-Birds being the name.

  51. Canucks fan here says:

    I also like to point out that the red wings already throw an octopus on the ice during playoffs.

  52. ICUP says:

    Hey why don’t we call ourselves the bald eagles! We can shave a dead bald eagles head and throw it on the ice cause that’s really the one reason the name has to have a animal

  53. Christian says:

    Ones I thought of:
    Seattle Seafarers
    Seattle Blue Jackets
    Seattle Blue Streak
    Seattle Swift
    Seattle Fleet
    Seattle Klondike
    Seattle Schooners
    Seattle Glaciers
    Seattle Mountaineers
    Seattle Voyage
    Seattle Jet-Setters
    Seattle Miners
    Seattle Tech

  54. Chris says:


  55. brad says:

    I was just thinking about this today how about
    seattle silvers, goes with the fish theme

  56. Reign says:

    Reign should be the name. As in reign supreme and of course our rainy washington weather. I think it sounds good an is pretty damb cool. Ladies & gentlemen introducing your NHL team The Seattle Reign!!! “Bring on the Reign” “Time to Reign some Pain” “Seattle Reign’s Supreme” yes this is an Awesome name.

  57. RwithanITCH@gmail.com says:

    Reign should be the name. As in Reign Supreme as well as our Washington Weather. I think it flows nicely and is a badass name. I agree with ^

  58. RJE26 says:

    They should be called the Seattle Grunge

  59. IF8 says:

    The Thunderhawks!!! would be the only option here. More fierce than thunderbirds.

  60. Ted says:

    Here’s a cool name that nobody probably thought of: Now introducing, your very own…Seattle Sea Dragons! I think it’s a great name, but I wouldn’t mind the team being the Thunderbirds, either. Metropolitans isn’t to my liking, even though I respect the history of the sport of hockey in Seattle.

  61. Don Beeth says:

    How about the Seattle Serpents?

  62. Joel says:

    To rep the region,it really should be a fish or a rapter…but?


    Seattle Steeheads (already a team in Idaho, but still my favorite, but we did have a 50’s baseball team of that name here)

    Sock Eyes (nice – I like it)
    Grinders (coffee, defense, etc)
    Hackers (computers)
    Ice Hawks (not bad)
    Netters (fishing)
    Breakers (the only retro/vintage Seattle pro hockey name that would work)
    Rockers (music)
    Axemen (logging/music)
    Monsters (Seattle Monsters = Sea-Monsters)


    Metros (no way – we DO NOT want to be the called the ‘metrosexuals’ by the rest of the league… trust me)
    Totems (dated – un-PC)
    T-birds, Silvertips (TAKEN, let our local WHL teams keep their names)
    SeaLions (was SF’s NHL team name – golden Lions)
    Stealth (TAKEN – local pro LaCrosse team)

    Consolation PRIZE:
    If we get a new arena and no team.. then Seattle Flounders

  63. Drew says:

    A refrence to Seattle’s Native American culture and a good name. That’s what we would do to our opponents.

  64. Britt says:

    @AWSmith, I also thought of Redhooks! Awesome name that is trademark of NW!
    I think Metroplitans would be cool, dirt NHL team here.

  65. mchlpearce says:

    How about seawolves but the other being lumberjacks not bad names considering location

  66. Alex B. says:

    “Metropolitans” would be one of the BEST team names in the NHL….bar none!

  67. JD Boone says:

    Well since Seattle sets in the Puget Sound how about The Seattle Soundwaves :)

  68. I'm just saying says:

    I just wanna point a few things
    1.Soundwaves is like the sounders
    2.Wild and Islanders’ names do suck but the Canucks’ name has some part of Canadian history, it’s kinda a stereotypical Canadian
    3.Metropoliticians is an awesome name, alot of people would love it!

  69. Fighting Scottish says:


    Copywrite 2012

  70. Dennis says:

    Its got to be the Seattle Killer Whales

  71. I'm sorry What?!?! says:

    Whoa Whoa Whoa! Seattle Killer Whales?!?! Dude have u even seen an NHL game before? The Canucks logo is a killer whale and its mascot(Fin) is a killer whale too….. I also wanna point out that Fin likes to eat fish every game and unless the Seattle team really wants to get beaked, then don’t do a fish name

  72. joe says:

    Seattle Tribe

  73. joe says:

    Seattle Pioneers

  74. Reid hansen says:

    Red Hooks
    And possibly the “flounders”

  75. anthony says:


  76. NHL FAN says:


  77. Dave says:

    Seattle Sound

  78. WazzuGruber says:

    Seattle Sonar

    Also a fan of Seattle Steelhead.

  79. Greg says:

    Pumas (Cougar/Mt Lion)

  80. Dustin says:

    Metropolitans is the worst. Speaks nothing about the city of Seattle. It’s generic and lame. Besides, it’s already the name of a historied baseball franchise in New York–the Mets.

  81. steve says:

    Don’t forget the Seattle Starbucks

  82. Gary says:

    Breakers was a great Seattle hockey team name, don’t see why it can’t be re-introduced. More obscure but appropriate for Seattle – Lahars, Others:

  83. Jon says:

    Seattle Emerald Eagles

  84. Lee says:

    Seattle was granted an expansion team in 1976 and they were to be called the Totems. I’m telling you right now as a hard core fan and student of the game this name would work now. The Totems name and uniforms from the 60’s would be on par with Original Six teams. They would be an instant hit around the league.

    But if you choose anything modern like Kracken or freeze you will more than likely be seen as a joke. Seattle, I implore you: do not make the same mistake the Canucks did! It took them 4 decades to find a decent look because they decided to get creative. Go with your WHL roots Seattle! You will find your way.

  85. Ryan says:

    I second:

    Seattle Cascades
    Seattle Glaciers
    Seattle Lumberjacks
    Seattle Wolves

  86. Johnny Sparrow says:

    Seattle Breakers! hands down no rebuffs , no questions, the team that kept hockey alive in this town!

  87. tim says:

    Seattle Snappers (like the fish)

  88. Mike Richardson says:

    Seattle Snappers!!! I love that name i think we have a winner

  89. Thomas Pepper says:

    Seattle Legends

  90. Chris Zweifel says:

    Seattle Loggers or Seattle Savage

  91. d trask says:


  92. imthor says:

    The Seattle Sea Dogs.

  93. harryt says:

    Yeah Sea Dogs. It refers to seals, fish, and weird eeirie lights in a fog bank. Seattle has all of those things!

  94. Patty says:

    And phoenix were nicknamed the “Desert Dogs”

  95. Purpledrank says:

    How about Seattle Bigfoot? Logo could be similar to the Kokanne beer logo.

  96. luminaryb says:

    Seattle Ghosts.

  97. Travis Rasmussen says:

    Seattle Trackers

  98. jammindude says:

    If we must be named after a fish (which would be completely lame) then Steelheads is really the only thing that sounds cool. (please God, not Sockeyes!). Of all the “Seattle Hockey heritage” names, I like The Seattle Breakers best. The Totems is just OK…the Metropolitans is the worst name suggested. (I’d even take The Sockeye’s over The Mets). The Thunderbirds is good…but it would mean the WHL team would have to rename or dissolve and I wouldn’t want to do that to them. Other names I’ve loved….The Seattle Reign, The Seattle Sound, The Seattle Freeze. But really, my gut tells me to just stick with The Coyotes. It’s a GREAT name, and one that I would have picked even if they DIDN’T already have it. It’s wildlife, there’s a ton of them in the northwest…it’s perfect.

  99. George Karras says:

    Seattle Sockeyes!

  100. Braulio Araujo says:

    Seattle Stunners

    Seattle Wrath hammers(or Bringers)

    Seattle Ruff & Tuffs

    Seattle Net rippers

    Seattle Snipers

    Seattle Tsunami (+Surfers)

    Seattle Spearheads

    Seattle Smashers

  101. Gabriel says:

    Metropolitans sounds okay but the team will eventually be nicknamed “Mets” which I think is problematic.

    Totems sounds great but the vancouver team has already a “totem-like” logo.

    As for thunderbirds, i think that the future nhl franchise should rebrand and not upgrade the whl franchise. A fresh start…

    For me, the best name is the Emeralds. The only problem is that the emerald green branding have been stolen by the Dallas Stars.

    What about the Seattle Dockers. Sounds gritty. I also like the Spearheads, it could refer to the native american culture. I adore the name “Orcas., but then again, it’s vancouver material…

  102. Ron says:

    They should be called \the Emerald City Blades

  103. Donald says:


  104. kevin says:

    The Seattle Marmots. The state’s mammal. It looks like a beaver. Pretty catchy

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