2012 Huskies Football Recruit List

I wanted to devote a post to the 2012 Huskies recruits for football. Why? Because it seems to be all that any sports site is talking about and I want to voice my opinion, regardless how many of you care what that opinion is.

So like I said. The past few days have been hot and heavy in terms of prospect rumors and high school kids signing their letters of intent with schools to play college football. Some kids made a decision, then changed it hours later. Twitter has been primarily centered on all the hoopla with every sports writer throwing in their opinion on prospects or where schools rank in terms of recruiting classes etc…

I’ll tell you what though. I actually enjoy all this attention that these kids and schools are getting. I get a sense of pride when the Huskies steal a Top 100 prospect away from a school, especially if it’s a rival PAC 12 school. The Huskies landed the top rated Safety in Shaquille Thompson, who was originally going to sign with Cal.

Of course this works against the Huskies at times. The 15th rated WR, Jordan Payton, who had committed to the University of Washington on ESPN just hours earlier, changed his mind, again, and chose to attend UCLA.

The recruiting process is much like the NFL draft. Fans and analysts spend so much time evaluating who “won” and has the best prospects, when in reality, the top rated high school quarterback prospect in the country in 2012 may not be as good as a kid rated 20th when it actually comes time for him to step on the field years later.

Look at the top QB prospects from 2008:

2008 QB Prospects

I would say that about 2/3 of those guys failed to live up to what was expected of them. Of course a few are studs and have already been drafted into the NFL or are going to go pretty high in the 2012 NFL Draft. But the point is that the number ranking next to your name is not a guarantee that the prospect will be as good as currently advertised.

That being said, lets take a look at the 2012 Huskies recruits as of today:

University of Washington 2012 Recruits

And then lets see how the Huskies stack up to the other top schools this recruiting class:

2012 Top 25 Recruiting Class

Given the fact that the Huskies haven’t been all that successful in college football over a long period of time. The fact that they have the personnel and coaches/recruiters to allow the Huskies to make it into the Top 25 is amazing. It’s clear to see that the Huskies will be serious contenders much sooner, rather than later.

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