Update 2.0: It is official, according to @AdamSchefter.

Update: Well it looks like this deal may actually get done. And the Raiders are going to overpay dearly. The latest rumors coming from ESPN have the Raiders sending two, TWO first round picks to the Bengals for their retired QB. The Raiders would send their 2012 first round pick as well as a conditional 2013 first round selection. No word on what the “conditions” would be for the 2013 selection yet. The Raiders are 4-2 but it seems odd that they would make such… I can’t even finish that. It’s the Raiders. It makes perfect sense that they would do this.

Reports are coming out that the Oakland Raiders are trying very hard to acquire former Bengals QB Carson Palmer. I say former because, well, Palmer is retired and I doubt he ever takes another snap for the Bengals. Jason Campbell, the Raiders starting QB suffered a broken collarbone and is expected to miss the remainder of the season. Kyle Boller came in to replace Campbell and the only other QB on the Raiders roster is Terrell Pryor, who is not ready for NFL action.

The Raiders are interested in David Garrard and Josh McCown, having contacted both QB’s. Palmer however is their top choice. This could put a wrench into what I think would be the best case scenario for the Seahawks and them solving their QB situation on a much more long term basis, however unlikely it may be.

When the Carson Palmer rumors were at their peak, many expected the Seahawks to be the ultimate destination for the signal caller. We all know the story from there. The Bengals refused to give in to Palmer and the owner, Mike Brown instead decided to allow Palmer to retire, rather then grant him his wish of playing for another team.

At the time, I was heavily in favor of the Seahawks making a move and acquiring the former Pro Bowler. I still am.

The best case scenario, and the way I would handle things had I had that sort of pull would be to trade for Palmer ASAP. That would of course require the Bengals to play ball. I may even consider giving up a 3rd rounder, that would turn into an “if” pick. By “if” I mean that “if” Palmer met certain statistical requirements, such as a QB rating of 85 or greater, the draft pick would then get bumped up to a 2nd round selection.

Carson Palmer would then become the Seahawks starting QB, obviously. The Seahawks would still select a rookie QB with their first pick on draft day and would then go the Aaron Rodgers route to developing him. If Palmer stinks it up, be it this season or next. We can throw the rookie in and he would still have had more time than either of this years rookies had to get acquainted to the NFL.

What are your thoughts on Palmer to the Raiders or on the Seahawks future at QB? Leave your comments below.

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