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2012 marks the year that the Nike Pro Combat uniforms will replace Reeboks version as the NFL’s uniform designer and manufacturer. The Seahawks and Nike have already had discussions about a new possible pro combat uniform for the 2012 season. Apparently Pete Carroll and John Schneider were in attendance, even though I don’t know why they would have a say in the Seahawks new uniform design other than if they like them or not. The Seahawks logo is safe, that won’t be changing. The main changes will come in terms of “technology” and the color scheme. I know what you’re thinking. When you associate technology with Nike and uniforms, you think of Oregon football. They have what seems like hundreds of Pro Combat versions to choose from each Saturday. You either love their look or you hate their look. Let’s hope that if they do something similar with the Seahawks’ new pro combat uniforms, it”ll be a “like the look” moment when they reveal them.

After searching far and wide, I found a few concepts. Take a look and tell us what you think. Click on the image to make it larger.

Tell us what you think about the Seahawks getting new pro combat uniforms and if you have seen any other options around, point us to them.

Out of all the teams in the NFL, the Seahawks aren’t in need of new uniforms like other teams are. Once the team does reveal the new look, hopefully they copy their tactics from the last release and allow the fans to vote on them. Last time the teams let the fans choose the color of the helmets. The two choices were silver and the winner, the blue they currently wear both at home and on the road.

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  • PaulSSC

    What do you guys think of the new uniform designs? Would you rather they just stay how they are?

  • Jordan

    Second row, 1st picture. By far the cleanest and best looking blue uniforms. Amped to be going back to the old school original Seahawk colors with an aggressive, current look. Excited to see what they do!!

  • James

    Ok lets face it curent uniforms are boring. I would pick home jersey same as 1st pic 4th row with the green addition. Away jersey I wwould go middle pic 3rd row with blue addition similiar to the green one. Pant color I would go with the ones in middle pic of 3rd row and helmet finally go with a green one possibly

  • JayWeezy


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  • 12fanderson

    agree home 4th row 1st pic but we do need to incorporate more green so green helmets or green numbers hell green pants gimme something but i want silver helmets but it wouldnt look good with the away jerseys to me so green helmets silver.white numbers green pants away; green helmet white jersey green.blue pants and the alternate; silver helmet green jersey blue number blue pants

    • Joe B

      Keep in mind Seattle’s other teams’ green:
      Sounders = Lime (same as current Hawks)
      Kelly/Grass = Original Sonics and Hawks
      Teal = Mariners

      It’s time the Hawks picked a true PNW green – a striking evergreen/forest green. Some might compare it to U of OR, but I’d leave it as an accent color. If it was used as a main color, go dark evergreen. THAT would be PNW!

  • tbone006

    after ALL the super sick innovative designs for Oregon Ducks .. THAT is the best they can come up with …UGLY AZZ S**T.
    Seriously ….we need an ALL BLACK (including Helmet!) with small Blue/Green accents, ALL DARK BLUE (including Helmet)with small Blue/Green accents, and a RETRO White/Grey/Blue/Green with possible Grey or Blue helmet

    • Joe B

      Seriously consider almost-black midnight blue uniforms and use the current blue as accent. Black might incur Raiders image, which would be sacrilage to those of us remembering the old AFC rivalry. The Hawks started with grass green and then moved to this ugly lime. Go the opposite way and go darker evergreen instead. More PNW!

  • ODP

    I look forward to distributing these new authentic NIKE jerseys at my normal discounted price! Nice!

  • Hawks fan 4ever

    2nd row middle

  • B Doran

    Lose the feathers! We are not Oregon.

    • Paul Novak

      Looks like the team is going to be adding feathers in some way shape or form. http://seattlesportscentral.com/seahawks/new-seahawks-uniforms-confirmed/

    • Ball Hawk

      Exactly! Seattle is Husky and Hawk nation..pure and simple. Stop putting the nasty “rave green” duck feather krap on a SEAHAWK jerseys. Next Nike will replace the intimidating Hawk beak and “claws” with a duck bill and web feet, watch.

    • Joe B

      You can’t do real feathers on the Hawks’ uniforms. If you want them on the shoulders, like Oregon’s, Nike better do it in the Pac NW native American art style. I could see some wicked totem pole carving “wings” (matching the helmet logo style) on the shoulders. That might work.

  • Dolokid

    Honestly the last 2 in the third row for away and home would be awesome

  • steve

    row 2 middle for home and row 2 right for away.

  • MJA

    I like number 21s jersey. old school seattle blue with new scheme and logo. SWEET!

  • Gerrod

    Where’s the all blue option? I’ve had season tix since 1978 and while I like the original unis and think it’s about time we had a throwback uniform game, I freakin’ LOVE the all-blues. It’s the coolest uni in the NFL imo & it’s menacing at home w the 12th man too. We’ve had these for less than 10 years! The only reason to change them is so someone at Nike or wherever can feel like they’re being all creative and important. Most of the time, change for the sake of change ends up sucking. Update the piping or numbers if you want, but please do NOT get rid of the all-blues. Unfortunately I think the way the Ducks do it is gonna become the norm. Everything is all about catering to the short-attention span consumer masses now.

  • As a graphic designer, I don’t see a single design here that makes any sort of different or striking statement. They’re basically just forcing the ‘Hawks look into the same sort of Nike quasi-military, NASA wanna-be mold as Oregon is in. At very least, when Underarmor redesigned my alma mater’s (U. of Maryland) unis, they actually looked different. They evoked a LOT of comment, both positive and negative. These won’t do that at all. It’s just another pro sports franchise trying to look like action figures from a combat video game. These are ultimately just boring rehashes of redesigns that have already been done to death. Ho-hum, Nike. This is the best you can do?

  • Eric

    The all dark blue was hard to watch (terrible shade of blue IMHO), would love to see them bring back the silver helmets!

  • Adrian

    I think its time for a make over the 3rd row second pic would be a nice change I know its hard to stop with the blue and green but a change might be I good thingpluse it looks sick

  • Jason

    Several of the designs above look very similar to the Detroit Lions unis.

  • paastahtroy

    I’d love it if they went back to more grey/silver in the uni’s especially in the helmet…It would be the best of the old and the new….New logo…old colors.

  • Chris

    Keep them as they are. The unique color scheme makes the Hawks stand out. Give them silver again and it tars us with Dallas, Detroit, Raiders, Carolina… yeah but no thanx.

  • Road King

    First row 3rd picture. Blue helmets, and for the love of god NO GREEN JERSY’S!!!!!!!!!. Green is great but keep it to a minimum.

  • Barb

    I like #’s 3 and 9. #4’s helmet is BADA$$!
    Please please please do not incorporate ANY of the lime green in anything! Although, I do like the gloves, go figure.

  • Serry

    I like the move back to silver, we should be done with the monochrome all-blue and all-white era, that’s not really Seahawks to me. Seahawks is a blue/green/silver type team. I really want to see the Seahawks give another try to the green alternates and do them right this time.

  • Tyler

    They all suck.. You can do better then this Nike.

  • Cole

    If i had to pick, i would choose 2nd row middle. But honestly they look like detroit lions with green. Stay away from the gray and replace with white. Also, i hope whatever blue they decide on looks nothing like the weird blue we’ve been seeing for almost the last decade.

  • Tyler

    This guy knows how to actually make a good looking modern uniform. Check out his Seattle concept, blows all of this away. http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/81791-nfl-nike-redesign/page__p__1604174#entry1604174

  • Shep

    I like the link that Tyler posted and I also like the thought of an all black alternative but not sure it would fly. I think if we went with a dark gray like Row 2 #1 it would give a darker, more aggressive look. I do have to say though…I like the green alternate jersey

  • Joe B

    It took a while for the steel blue color to grow on me, but I still think the darker accent blue as the main uni color would look sharp. I really dislike the lime and would vastly prefer a more appropriate forrest green instead. Could the Hawk logo be slightly oversized on the helmet, with the beak coming together right at the front?

  • Jere

    Knowing Nike and how closely they’ve guarded these designs, I’m betting that none of these are what we’ll see coming out here shortly. Why wouldn’t these images feature team logo gloves that Nike has already proudly debuted at the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl?

    Nope… a quick Google search shows that these are fan made mock ups.

    Expect greatness.

  • Rick

    I really like the 1st one in row 2…the royal blue jersey. I also would love for the Seahawks to have the platinum uniform in the 3rd Row picture #2.

  • Cleezy

    I like the 2nd row middle for the home game and the right next to it for away game

  • Donald

    2nd row first concept. Grey or dark silver is the best. Light silver looks lame.

  • Bor Zoi

    I miss the old bird logo.

    Granted, it looked a little “static”, but stylistically, it honored the local Haidi Gwaii.

    The current bird just looks like he has a tension headache.

  • dallasGOON

    Must be nice to root for a team that thinks a plain white jersey is too ‘traditional’ to touch, and they simply refuse to wear anything else.

    • dallasGOON

      Must be nice to not root for a team that thinks a plain white jersey is too ‘traditional’ to touch, and they simply refuse to wear anything else.

  • Tony

    You’ve had probably the ugliest uniforms in the league the last 10 years. Congratulations , they just got uglier. I’ll never buy one and wear it. We will be at bottom of the league in sales. Jerry Jones , no wonder he don’t want to share revenue on merchandise. Who’s gonna pay over $100 for this crap. Not me

    • How’d that prediction turn out for ya? For every one guy I hear complain how ugly they are another 10 people love them and think they’re top three in the league.