For players, the bye week serves as a weekend to rest, rejuvenate and prepare for future competition. But for loyal, die-hard fans it’s the worst weekend of the NFL season. What the hell are we supposed to do on Sunday? For us Seahawks fans it just doesn’t seem right to turn on the TV and not watch the Seahawks.

That’s why we’re giving you something to look forward to this year. Though there still wont be any Seahawks football, we will be giving away a white Sidney Rice jersey on Sunday Oct. 23, during the Browns game. This should give all you fans a chance to focus your energy on the jersey giveaway this bye week. Rice and the Seahawks take on the Browns in a game we all expect them to win now that they have showed us what they can do against a team such as the Giants. The following week the Seahawks take on the Bengals at CenturyLink and you can wear your very own Sidney Rice jersey courtesy of SeattleSportsCentral.

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  • nik

    I’m a Seahawks fan because they play hard and put on a good game. That and I love causing false starts.

  • dust

    I’m a Hawks fan because they play with a huge amount of heart and determination. They give elite teams a run for their money. The fans are awesome. The stadium is amazing. The walk from my apartment to the field, when, as I get closer, the fans start getting crazier and crazier, and the excitement is at a peak, is one of my favorite Seattle moments. Go Seahawks!!!

  • John Perkins

    I been a Seahawk fan since a I was a kid. I remeber my dad taking me to training camp in Cheney. Also remeber asking my dad why michael jackson stopped signing to play football. I was young lol

  • Joe Kaufmann

    I grew up a Hawks fan. Still a Hawks fan because they are a hard working class act of a team. They embody to me what football stands for.

  • Sean Patrick

    I love football. When you have a team that can win their division as often as the ‘hawks do and still be rebuilding and transforming as well; it’s astonishing to me.
    I love them when they win,but I love them when they lose too. And often they are losing, but is there really a more faithful (or vocal) fan base?

  • Brandon milto

    I’ve been a Seahawks fan since I was five years old and ill stick with them thick and thin until the day I die. I love the Seahawks because they are generally the underdog just like me but they always believe in their hearts like they can win.being a small guy I look up to that alot.GO HAWKS!

  • Shayna

    Because I was raised a Seahawks fan thru and thru in bad times and good! 12th man/woman all the way!

  • Ann

    I’ve been a Seahawk fan since 1976 when I was about 10 or 11 yrs. old. Oops just gave away my age! Oh well, I love my Seahawks! I bleed blue & green. I always expect my team to win! I support them no matter what! Go Seahawks!

  • Paul Novak

    We have a little less than a week left before we give away the jersey. Plenty of time for more people to tell us why you love the Seahawks.

  • Richard Peterson

    Who doesn’t Love the Sea Chickens!

  • Jose

    my High School football field is named after Dan Dornick an ex Seahawk

  • Ian Korzeniecki

    I am a giant SEAHAWKS fan because It’s all I think about and look forward too! I hope to “take my talents to Bristol (ESPN) one day!” Haha Just 16 and preparing for a life in the sports TV industry and spread the 12th man love! Don’t have a new jersey and would love to rep the Seahawks in a new one! GO SEA..HAWKS!

  • Rob anderson

    I am a Seahawks fan cause I stick with the west coast teams I have been a hawks,mariners, and Canucks fan forever!!!!! Go Seahawks Go!!!!!!

  • Cody Miller

    I have been a fan since i was born! 1976…i grew up watching and goin to games with my late father. We had season tickets in the King Dome! Now that I have sons I can’t wait to buy season tickets and share the games with my boys!

  • Gagan Hayer

    I’ve been a proud Seahawks fan since my cousin took me to my first ever game over 10 years ago. I love seeing/hearing the 12th man in action. Best fans in the league! Go Seahawks!!!

  • Tricia Fick

    I’m a fan because our boys are stand up MEN both on and off the field. They put all they have out on that field for us #12’s every time and show love and respect when off the field.

  • Sam Taylor

    I’m a Seahawks fan because even in my worst times watching the ‘Hawks keeps me going. When my son was born last year he had a pretty rough start, nearly dying. He made it through and is perfect now but there was nothing like being able to watch Seahawks games while I held him in my arms. It’s a tradition that the little guy and I have now and it’s great when the ‘Hawks score to see him throw up his touchdown arms. The Seahawks are a big part of this young family’s start and that’s why I am a fan.

  • Donny Tubbs

    Im a true So Cal Seahawk fan! its soo hard to find anything seahawks where i live, all I own is 1 Aaron Curry Jersey, and 2 Seahawk shirts. I finally went to my first game ever this summer at Chargers stadium it was epic! I would love to get a jersey of Rice! omg it would make my year! Seahawks for life baby!

  • I’ve been a ‘Hawks fan as long as I can remember. I saw the last regular-season game in the Kingdome and the first ever game (albeit preseason) at what was then called Seahawks Stadium. I even had my high school graduation commencement ceremony on the field (Lake Washington Kangaroos!) Once for my birthday I got a Rick Mirer jersey…it’s long gone now, just like his career was the next season.

  • Aaron Reiten

    I am a true Seahawks fan because I actually cried when they lost in the Super Bowl. And I’m a grown man!!

  • James H

    I absolutely love both the M’s and the Hawks! First Seahawks game I ever went to, the Hawks beat the Raiders. They didn’t just beat them, they crushed them! I don’t remember the exact score but it was something around 45-10. Awesome game! Galloway had a huge TD catch and the crowd was so freaking crazy. I loved it. I was also at the very last game in the Kingdome. They played “Will you remember me” afterward and I started to tear up knowing I would never watch the M’s play there again.

  • Andre G

    I’m a Seahawks fan because I bleed blue and green! I love football and have watched the hawks with my dad as long as I can remember and know for a fact that i havent missed a game since 2003. I’m a proud member of the 12th Man! and I call SeahawksStadium/QwestField/CenturyLinkField home as part of the loudest fan base in the NFL.

  • Toni Fisk

    I have been a seahawk fan since the day they were announced. My dad was a season ticket holder til his death in 1998. I’ve bleed blue and green everyday since i was 12 and was at that first game with my dad. I am a proud member of the 12th man. We are the loudest and proudest when it comes to our Seahawks.

  • BRuce Johnson

    The Seahawks are in my blood since the first moment of their existence. I’ve worn my Seahawk gear all over this country as well as Mexico, Canada, Cuba and the great wall of China. This is not just a fleeting infatuation.

  • Mikian S

    I’m a Seahawks fan because as a 80’s kid it was a break on the weekend for my family to come together. I had some crazy ass Seahawks obsessed uncles. Now look at me! Weird how history repeats itself.

  • I’m a Seahawks fan because I am from Seattle and growing up when i really started watching football I watch the Seahawks and we where good. Now 20011 I love what Pete is doing getting are team younger, and hungrier. I am a Seahawks fan an I will always be one Till the day I die #12ThManStandUp

  • Zach

    I use to have a “Raider Busters” t shirt. Seahawks Sundays is a religion in our house. I grew up a fan of the Seahawks since I was old enough to care about football.

  • Brian

    I live in NYC and I love showing off my Seattle pride as often as possible. Especially after that win over the Giants.

  • Paul Bourdett

    I’m not really a Seahawks fan, I just like Sidney Rice and want the jersey.