Seahawks SuckThe season is still in the toddler stage and yet it’s already time to give up on this little red headed step child making anything of himself. The Seahawks first two games have resulted in two ugly, embarrassing losses. With a record of 0-2 the Seahawks still have a chance to compete for the NFC West right? Not a chance. Why? Because the Seahawks suck!

Everyone should have expected a beating by the Steelers. When the schedule came out and everyone was guessing at which games were deemed “winnable,” I doubt many fans penciled a W next to week two on the schedule. What wasn’t expected was an offense with a scrambling QB that has shown the ability to avoid pressure, the top free agent pass catchers at WR and TE and a running back that has the toughness to stand up to a tough Steelers defense, put up a big fat zero. Why? Because the Seahawks suck!

Sidney Rice has yet to play for the Seahawks, dealing with a shoulder injury that will most likely keep him off the turf for the majority of the season. The pro bowl TE Zach Miller has two receptions and won’t come close to matching his career average with the way the offense as a whole is playing. The ground game hasn’t even managed to reach 100 yards in the two games combined, let alone one. And yes, you guessed it. It’s because the Seahawks suck.

An offense can survive with one unit not playing up to par. The Seahawks are facing a situation with one of the leagues worst offensive lines, who’s best player, Robert Gallery will be out for at least four games. Tarvaris Jackson is possibly the leagues worst starting QB, which would probably be the case even if the O-Line wasn’t Swiss cheese. Doug Baldwin is the only pleasant surprise but his stats are only decent thanks to one catch that netted 55 yards. Take that away and the longest completed pass in the two games was for 17 yards. The longest run so far? A 13 yard run, by Ben Obamanu. Do I need to mention he isn’t even a running back?

The next three games for the Seahawks are vs. the Arizona Angry Birds, vs. the Atlanta Falcons and @ the New York Giants. At best, they come out of these games at 1-4 and go into the bye week with the plan to try Clipboard Jesus at QB. Unfortunately, not even he can give this kid a shot at decency. The Seahawks suck, even more than we thought.

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  • What’s with our city having two of the lowest scoring teams in the NFL and the MLB?

  • Thepimpshiznit

    “The Seahawks suck, even more than we thought.”  That is unfair!!  I think they are horrible, give ME some credit!!

  • Solly

    The Seahawks are a disgrace to professional football and Coach Carroll is a disgrace to professional coaches. We all knew this would happen at the end of last season when we effed our chances at drafting a QB by going to the playoffs (and somehow beating the saints)… T-Jack…more like T-Hack. This dude never was the answer and never will be. It pisses me off to no end that my team could be beaten by almost any FBS team and likely even the top tier of FCS teams. What a f@$&ing disrespect to their fanbase, they should be utterly embarrassed and ashamed.

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  • Eric Teas

    ya know, yeah our hawks may have a hard time this season, yeah, they arent winning many games…but its not the hawks that sucks…its PETE CARROLL!! PETE CARROLL SUCKS!! so before you go pointing the finger maybe you outta see the whole picture of whats really going on. Pete doesnt have a clue of what hes doing. and if you post one more article saying the hawks sucks, then im leaving this site and wont be back. as far as im concerened….YOU SUCK!