With the highly anticipated release of Madden 2012 just a few short weeks away, the overall ratings for each team have been released. NFC West fans will notice that the division winning Seattle Seahawks are somehow miraculously rated as the third best team in the division behind both the San Francisco 49ers and St. Louis Rams. Keep in mind that these ratings are without the recent free agent acquisitions. Even taking that into consideration, I don’t see why Seattle is rated so low. My guess is that after the update come release day, the Seahawks should find themselves as the top team in the division after highly rated Madden players such as Robert Gallery, Sidney Rice and Zach Miller have joined the team. Currently, 21 teams are rated the same or higher than the Seahawks.

Madden 2012 Overall Team Ratings

AFC East
Buffalo Bills: 73
Miami Dolphins: 78
New York Jets: 87
New England Patriots: 88

AFC West
Denver Broncos: 74
San Diego Chargers: 85
Kansas City Chiefs: 84
Oakland Raiders: 76

AFC North
Cincinnati Bengals: 71
Cleveland Browns: 74
Baltimore Ravens: 86
Pittsburgh Steelers: 90

AFC South
Houston Texans: 80
Indianapolis Colts: 85
Jacksonville Jaguars: 75
Tennessee Titans: 73

NFC East
Dallas Cowboys: 82
Philadelphia Eagles: 86
New York Giants: 83
Washington Redskins: 74

NFC West
Arizona Cardinals: 70
San Francisco 49ers: 77
St. Louis Rams: 78
Seattle Seahawks: 76

NFC North
Green Bay Packers: 92
Chicago Bears: 85
Detroit Lions: 76
Minnesota Vikings: 74

NFC South
Atlanta Falcons: 87
New Orleans Saints: 85
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 84
Carolina Panthers: 72

What do you think of the ratings? Which teams should have been rated higher or lower? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • PaulSSC

    Eagles could end up in the 90’s when the update occurs.

  • Test Sss

    I’m a Packers fan, but I think the Lions should have been 78-80ish and the Cowboys got lucky for a 6-8 team.

    • PaulSSC

      No way. Stafford hasn’t shown much and you guys are riding the Suh hype.

      • Wilmothbobby

        We’ve won 9 regular season games straight. And we’re rated 74 that’s just rape in it’s purest form.

  • chicitysports.com

    Bears should have been 100 ovr. Let’s be real. 

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  • PaulSSC

    Imagine how bad the Raiders will be after the roster update. They lost their top 3 players. Aso, Miller, Gallery.

  • FelixFan

    I think Darren McFadden is better then Gallery, though.

    • PaulSSC

      Haven’t seen him play much but I’ll take Gallery over him for the Hawks. This team really needs a guy like him for many reasons.

  • Lawrencecarter


  • Theyxmc

    jags should be about an 84 best linebacking core drew mercedes and two quarterbacks that can start dawan landry alualu kampman terrance knighton best back up tight end two good backup running backs one of the best fullbacks kassim osgood and montell owens both special team players who have been to pro bowls one of te best rushing offensive lines third in rushing last year with a hurt drew rashean mathis and two other solid corners a 75 umm not real hope this is fake or madden has made a mistake


    LMAO @ bears 100 overall. The bears are bluemoon wonders you will prbably suck this season. The falcons should at leat be a 90. I know we lost in the divisionals to the packs but we were the best in the NFC last year. The saints lost to the seahawks. So are we going by reg season or playoffs. Geeez

  • memj23

    Saints should be 89 ovr.

  • Fborn1

    Falcons and Saints should be higher

  • Wilmothbobby

    Detroit Lions are rated at 74 whats up with this. Very disappointed with this rating. For a team that’s won their last 9 regular season games and all 4 preseason games.

  • Benjaminneal1989

    lol the lions are so sweet now 85 half u guys are retarded bears suck by the way